Register With Cleanzen
and Receive Cleaning Appointments

With the Cleanzen platform you can receive and accept home cleaning appointments that fit your schedule and a service area that you want to cover.

Cleanzen schedule displayed on mobile and desktop app

Customers can book their appointment online, in seconds, by viewing the available appointment times for service providers that are in their area.

Smart Phone with Booking Notification

Accept Appointments
From Your Phone

Once a customer has booked an appointment, service providers receive a work order notification from that customer.
The appointment is then reviewed and can be accepted by the cleaner.

  • Receive notifications when new appointments are booked.
  • Review and accept appointments that fit your schedule.
  • Receive all relevant details for each appointment ahead of time.

Pick When You Are Available for Appointments

table showing cleaning schedule

You pick the service area and times that you are available for customers to book.
When customers go to make an appointment, they will see your available dates and times.

Booking Details Notification

Receive Home Cleaning
Appointment Work Orders from

Once a customer has selected a date/time that you are available and booked an appointment, cleaners will receive a work order notification that contains the details of the appointment.

  • Control the dates and times that you are available for appointments.
  • View the details of each appointment prior to accepting.
  • Keep track of appointments with ease by using the online calendar.

Complete Your Cleaning Appointments

Once you have received and accepted appointments, show up on the date and time for the customer’s cleaning and knock it out of the park! Our customer happiness team is always on standby to assist with any issues or questions.

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