28 Things You Didn’t Know About Philadelphia

night view at Philadelphia City Hall and clock tower


Philadelphia is a city rich in history. It has been one of the most important cities in America since it was founded and continues to be so today. Philadelphia is home to many different cultures, which makes it an interesting place for tourists to visit. If you are planning on traveling there soon, read this blog post. Here are 28 things that you didn’t know about Philly:

1. The Liberty Bell sits near Independence Hall



The Liberty Bell is a popular tourist attraction in Philadelphia. The bell was first used as an early-warning system for approaching ships near the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War, and it also signaled meetings of Congress until 1775. It’s now housed inside Independence Hall with replicas that are rung on patriotic occasions.


2. You can see the Rocky statue at the top of the steps outside of City Hall

The rocky statue is one of the most famous statues in America. The statue was originally created for the movie “Rocky III,” and it is now located at the top of the steps outside of Philadelphia City Hall. This statue is a favorite spot for tourists and locals to take photos, as it represents the city’s love of Rocky.


3. Rocky



The movie “Rocky” is about a boxer from Philadelphia who goes on an underdog journey to become a world heavyweight champion. The film was so popular that Sylvester Stallone later made another five movies in the series, with three of them being set in Philadelphia.


4. Head over to Reading Terminal Market for some great food

Reading Terminal Market is a historic market in Philadelphia that has been operating since 1892. It’s the largest and oldest public market in America, bringing together food merchants from all types of cultural backgrounds. There are about 100 different vendors there selling everything you could imagine.


5. Benjamin Franklin founded the first library in Philadelphia



The library that Benjamin Franklin first founded is now known as The Free Library of Philadelphia. It’s the 13th largest library in America and has a collection of more than six million items.


6. Gaslight

This city also built one of the first gas-powered municipal streetlights, powered by natural gas from a nearby building that was under construction at the time. This city has been innovating for hundreds of years.


7. First capital

The city of brotherly love was the first capital of the United States, and it also became a major manufacturing center for textiles in America. When you’re visiting Philadelphia, take some time to appreciate its history and culture. The city has so much to offer visitors that is unique from other places throughout North America.


8. The Park system of the municipal is the oldest

Philly’s municipal park system is the oldest in America. The first park, Fairmount Park, was established in 1855, and it has since grown to include more than 9000 acres of land. There are dozens of different parks throughout Philadelphia that offer a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy.


9. The Schuylkill River



One popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts in Philadelphia is the Schuylkill River. The river has a variety of different trails that runners, cyclists, and walkers can use to get some exercise. There are also plenty of places to stop along the way and enjoy the views.


10. The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia’s art museum is one of the largest museums in America. It’s home to a collection of more than 225,000 items that span thousands of years of art history. The museum is also well-known for its “Rocky Steps,” which lead up to the entrance and have become a popular tourist destination.


11. Philadelphia 76ers



The 76ers are one of the most successful basketball teams in America. The team was founded in 1946 and has won three championships. They play their home games at the Wells Fargo Center, which is located in downtown Philadelphia.


12. Academy of fine arts in Pennsylvania



This art school is considered the first art school in America. Philadelphia’s theater district is responsible for about half of all employment within its city. It has been ranked as one of top ten cities to live and work in by businessweek.com.


13. Impressionist paintings are in plenty



Philly is known for its impressionist paintings, and there are many museums exhibiting this kind of art. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is among the most visited in America. It has a whopping 26 acres to explore.


14. People from all around

Philadelphia’s population consists not just of people who were born and raised here but also immigrants coming from other countries such as Germany and Italy.


15. You can get a cheesesteak here

This city is famous for its delicious cheesesteaks. In fact, there are even restaurants that specialize in this type of food.


16. Philadelphia is home to many colleges



Some prestigious colleges that are located in Philadelphia are Drexel University, Temple University, and the University of Pennsylvania.


17. Philadelphia Packet was the first daily paper

The Philadelphia Packet was the first daily paper in America, and it was published in 1784. Benjamin Franklin was one of its editors. The Liberty Bell is located here.


18. Philly’s City Hall was tallest until 1908

The city hall of Philadelphia is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the entire United States. It is also the largest city hall in America. The statue of William Penn on top of it is a replica of the original, which was destroyed by lightning in 1835.


19. Philadelphia Zoo is home to more than 2000 animals



The Philadelphia zoo is among the oldest zoos in the United States. It is also home to more than 2000 animals of 500 different species.


20. America’s first hospital



Pennsylvania Hospital is America’s first hospital, and it was founded in 1751. It is also the birthplace of American medical education.


21. The Betsy Ross House is here



The Betsy Ross House is a historical landmark that commemorates the life of Betsy Ross, who is known for making the first flag of the United States.


22. Fox Chase

The Fox Chase Cancer Center is considered the first cancer center in the world. It was established back in 1884.


23. Busiest airport



This city is also home to one of the busiest airports in America, Philadelphia International Airport. American Airlines has a major hub at the airport.


24. Most of the doctors in America are trained in Philadelphia

Due to the high number of colleges and universities located in Philadelphia, it is also the birthplace of American medical education.


25. The first movie theater in America was here

In 1894, the world’s first movie theater opened in Philadelphia, and it was called The Electric Theater.


26. U. Penn’s Houston Hall

This was the first student union in the US, and it was built back in 1896. This union also happens to be the largest building on Penn’s campus.


27. The first stock exchange in America was founded here



The Stock Exchange in Philadelphia was founded all the way back in 1790, and it is the second oldest stock exchange in America.


28. High GDP

Philly has the fourth-highest gross domestic product among all cities in the United States. It has a GDP of $388 billion, and it is just behind New York City, Los Angeles, and Houston.


Philadelphia is a city with a rich history and many interesting facts that are often unknown to people. There are plenty of things to see and do in this vibrant city, so be sure to visit it if you get the chance. As you take a tour around the city, you will need a vacation rental place to stay and keeping it tidy can be a challenge. Hiring a professional cleaner is a great option to help you prep and clean your premise. Hire the best maid service available in the Philadelphia area, and get your free estimate today!


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