6 Reasons Why You MUST Visit Miami

To a lot of people, Miami is just a port city that they pass through to get to somewhere else, perhaps stopping to take in the sunny beaches and great weather. But Miami is so much more than that- it’s a place to enjoy some incredible local dishes and take in a mishmash of culture from around the world. Let’s look at some of the best reasons why you should stop and spend some time in Miami.

The Food, Obviously


A lot of the foods you’ll find in Miami are dishes you could get elsewhere, but Miami’s residents put their own spin on them. The Cuban sandwich is a must try dish if you’re in Miami. It’s probably going to be a little more expensive than what you would pay for in Cuba, but it’s also made with higher quality ingredients, and it’s really easy to find a good Cuban sandwich in the city.



You can find taco and burrito vendors around every corner, and it seems like each vendor has their fans for their particular style and seasonings. Ask any 10 Miami residents where you should eat while you’re in the city, and it’s likely that each of them will give you a different answer. That’s how many great restaurants there are to try in the city, and you should definitely try a few different ones each time you’re there.



The Festivals


Miami is one of those places where the different cultures of the world come to meet kind of like a southern New York City. That means that there are constantly celebrations that represent different nations and cultures of the world. You can discover festivals for African and Asian heritage, as well as many others. A lot of the holidays that are celebrated in Hispanic culture are present here as well, and the city is known for its lengthy celebrations that tend to overflow beyond their scheduled days.



No matter which time of year you visit Miami, there will be something to celebrate there. Here are just a few of the festivals that Miami is famous for:

  • International Mango Festival
  • Miami International Boat Show
  • Miami Fashion Week
  • Ultra Music Festival
  • South Beach Jazz Festival



The Night Life



They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but you could say the same about Miami. There is always something to do there no matter what time of day (or night) it is. You can find restaurants open 24 hours a day, as well as transportation services, entertainment options, and much more. The night life is thriving in this city, thanks in part to the growing population that often works night shifts to help the city expand and the work-from-home culture that works odd hours. There are always people out and about living their lives at every hour, and the city accommodates them.



Miami Beach Shopping



The entire world seems to come to Miami Beach to shop, and they can find everything they need in one place to the scenic Miami Beach. It’s not just for swimming in the waves, after all. There is a huge boardwalk there that stretches for miles with food courts, shopping plazas, outdoor markets, and musicians practicing their craft. You could spend all day just walking the boardwalk and window shopping, and you get it all with a beautiful view of the beach.



Florida Keys Sightseeing



If you came to take in the sights of Miami, then you should definitely go down to the Florida Keys. The breathtaking blue waters are some of the clearest and most vivid in the world, and you can travel them by car across the connecting bridges or take a boat to travel around each of them. There is lots to do there as well, including shopping, eating, and picnicking.



Miami Everglades National Park



For an inexpensive but fun time in Miami, try visiting the national park. Last time we checked, the price was $30 for a single vehicle for an entire week. You could spend all that time exploring the park and still not see everything it has to offer. After all, the Everglades National Park is one of the largest parks in the country. This massive 6,000 square meter area is home to swamps, meadows, mangroves, and more, and you can even find cafes or gift shops to take a load off in while you are there.


You’ll only pay a few dollars to get into the park for the day, and once inside, you can travel around on foot or visit more places by renting a bike (or bringing your own), taking a boat or paddling a canoe. Enjoy the rare plants there, including tons of fruit trees, magnolias, satin trees, and many more. Plan to take tons of pictures and maybe have a picnic in the scenic park while checking out the plentiful wildlife.


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