7 Things To Do in Denver in the Winter

Landscape surrounding Rocky Mountains

Winter is here again, and this time around, I’m sure you want a wanderlust experience like no other. Winter in Denver is snowy, and the temperatures average below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a great moment to be outdoors and try the adrenaline-charged activities you have anticipated. Denver has a lot to offer, ranging from a revitalized downtown, remarkable mountain views, world-class art, and many outdoor activities. The following are seven amazing winter-friendly things to do in Denver.


Go Skiing and Snowmobiling Spree at Winter Park Resort



Winter Park has stood the test of time as the lengthiest incessantly-operated ski resort in Colorado, covering over 3000-acre terrain. Thanks to its incredible snowboarding and skiing options, it is Colorado’s most sought-after mountain playground. Get your scarfs and winter coat and start your journey to the most exhilarating snowmobiling and skiing experience. A day out at the Winter Park Resort will give you a farfetched experience of the Denver landscape while having life-changing moments doing unguided or guided snowmobiling. Don’t leave your kids at home in fear of not getting something fitting, as the Grand Adventures offers fantastic snowmobiling tours for kids.



Denver Downtown Aquarium


Downtown Aquarium is the ultimate winter destination in Denver for itinerants looking for immersive and exciting dining and outdoor activities. It’s the place to be in that chilly afternoon or that freezing morning. The aquarium is home to over 500 animal species with a large interactive stingray reef touch tank. This 500,000-gallon aquarium has a variety of activities ongoing, including a shark voyage, ferries wheel, restaurant, white tiger exhibition, and aquatic carousel.



You can watch as the talented scuba diver feed the fish or go shark voyaging. The wild animals you can watch in this aquarium are bullfrogs, American alligators, groupers, clownfish, catfish, snapping turtles, and crayfish.



Explore Denver Art Museum



The Denver Art Museum is a well-established and biggest art museum on West Coast and Chicago. The museum contains over 70,000 artworks separated into ten permanent collections, including Western American and textile, African, European and American, Spanish Colonial, modern and contemporary, Asian, photography, American Indian, and Columbian. It’s the best winter destination for everyone exploring Denver that want to learn about different cultures and explore some of the world’s historical artworks.  The greatest thing about the Denver art museum is that they have made it easier and enjoyable to learn about the artworks. They use games, videos, and wall text to explain the context of each artwork and make it easier for visitors to understand the artists better and their original cultures.



Touring the 16TH Street Mall



Strolling through the 16th street mall is another great winter activity you can get in when exploring Denver. It’s a pedestrian-only boulevard with beautiful lighting open all day during winter. It elongates a mile down the downtown and features over 42 cafes and restaurants. In addition, the mall features bars, shops, restaurants and boutiques. There are dozens of things to watch and do while strolling through this street mall, including grabbing your favorite drink or bite in the cafes and restaurants. As you walk, you can do a thorough window shopping in the many shops or spend a few hours watching a movie in any of the 12 movie theaters along the street.



Enjoy Hot Chocolate at Union Station



After hours of exhausting strolling and shopping in Denver, stop by the Denver Union Station to enjoy hot chocolate. Union Station is not just your everyday joint to grab a drink but also an exclusive destination to eat your favorite meal while meeting and interacting with other visitors and locals. Watch as crowds move to and from the train platform or as locals sip cocktails or enjoy meals in the station’s world-class restaurants. This bustling downtown station has two notable features: the trendy and fantastic dining and shopping scene. Take Instagram photos inclined on the elegant Victorian building or close to the Larimer Square string lights. You can also have a moment in the many concerns and winter winters.



Go Hiking in the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater



Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is an ample open-air space that has been used in the last over 100 years. It has hosted concerts and world-celebrated bands such as Radio Head, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, and U2. It’s constructed overlooking the mountainside with large vertical rocks that jut out from the amphitheater’s stage. The amphitheater connects you to hundreds of world-class and eclectic shows throughout the year. In addition, the amphitheater has a variety of hiking trails for you to spend some hours making the most of your free time. You can go on a guided rock exploration or hiking tour or do yoga on the rocks.



Engage in a Sport



Denver has six well-recognized and accredited pro sports teams, covering lacrosse, football, hockey, soccer, basketball and baseball. The most exhilarating thing about traveling to Denver in winter is that you’ll find a lot of sports to watch and play. Winter is the perfect time when professional basketball teams, including Mammoth, Denver Nuggets, Colorado, Colorado Avalanche and Denver Broncos, compete. You can choose any of your favorite teams and get ready to sweat cheering as they outshine or get outshined by the competing team. Before heading to Denver in the cold season, make sure you’ve everything organized. You want to book the tickets early enough to avoid being locked out.


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