8 Things Philadelphia is Famous For

Man Walking by Mapping Courage Mural in Philadelphia


The vibrant city of Philadelphia, popularly known as Philly, has a charming and distinctive personality that you cannot afford to miss out on. It’s one of the cornerstone cities of America that boasts of a rich revolutionary history. It played a major role in American history as it was an important colonial city and was also the first industrial centre in the U.S. We dare say that Philly was the nation’s birthplace. Philadelphia has plenty of attractive sites to discover and numerous activities to indulge in. Visitors come from far and wide to experience the special flavour this fifth largest city in the United States has to offer.


Have a taste of the cheesesteaks, the Mummers parade, and the Liberty Rock, among others below, to experience Philadelphia in its full glory.

1. Murals



In Philadelphia, every wall is considered a blank canvas that holds so much potential. This city is referred to as the ‘Mural Capital of The World.’ Professional artists and young artists from Philly under the Mural Arts Philadelphia have transformed the building exteriors in the city by incorporating fascinating murals. Over 3,600 murals have been produced all over Philadelphia, making it a distinct feature in the city. Interested individuals can take a stroll, segway, or trolley tour around the area to view these stunning works that speak in depth. Philadelphia celebrates art as a form of expression and supports artists by setting aside 1% of the total city’s budget to cater for public art on any city-funded construction.



2. Cheesesteaks



They say you’ve not had a proper cheesesteak till you’ve sampled one from Philadelphia. A cheesesteak is a delicious sandwich made up of a long crusty roll with melted cheese and sauteed rib eye beef. It’s accompanied by fried onion, ketchup, mushrooms, and sweet peppers as the toppings. History traced the origin of the cheesesteak to Pat Olivieri in 1930. A cab driver grabbed a whiff of this tasty meal and spread the word about it, making it one of the most beloved food stands of that time. Now it stands in the very same location and is one of the most famous cheesesteak shops globally. This popular fast food is a favorite among residents and visitors who visit Philadelphia. The most popular spots to grab yourself a cheesesteak include Pat’s, Jim’s, Geno’s, and Dallesandros.



3. Philadelphia Museum of Art



Nothing is more important than the cultural roots of a city, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a worthy testament to that fact. This museum is the heart of the city, originally founded in 1876 as a museum of decorative arts. It is considered a landmark building and a world-renowned collection that aims at connecting people through art. Visitors and residents alike are inspired by the museum’s contents, from the sculptures, costumes, and textiles to the paintings and photographs, among other collections. Over time the museum has experienced so much growth both physically, and in the collections it showcases. Here you can get to learn more about the cultural history of Philadelphia.



4. The Mummers Parade



Every new year in Philadelphia, the Mummers step out in colorful costumes to celebrate the longest-running traditional folk in the entire country. A mummer is any individual that participates in dance, song, and costume splendor on the first of January. Swedish immigrants in the 1970s passed this tradition on to neighborhoods in South Philly. Then, it was a way to celebrate rivalry between neighborhoods by causing a stir, shooting guns, and demanding alcohol. The city decided to intervene in this practice to tone down the celebration, and much to their delight, it worked!



5. Independence Hall



Independence Hall is pretty much the birthplace of the United States. However, before the name changed to Independence Hall, the building was known as Pennsylvania State House. It stood strong as a symbol of what the nation would be. Here, the Declaration of Independence got adopted. Additionally, the Constitution that governs the United States was drafted, debated, and signed in this very building. Visitors and residents can tour this interactive museum and be inspired by historical happenings that shaped the nation into what it is now.



6. Liberty Bell



Situated at Independence Hall is the Liberty Bell that carries the message of Liberty. Here you can learn how the statehouse bell was transformed into a symbol that inspires civil rights leaders, abolitionists, and women’s suffrage advocates, among others, to stand for Liberty no matter what. The inscription reads Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants Thereof. What’s ironic about this Liberty bell is the visible crack that occurred when it was first rung. The bell has never been heard by anyone alive now due to the second crack that runs from the word ‘Liberty’ all the way down to ‘Philadelphia.’



7. The Park System



Philadelphia has been proudly ranked 19th in the list of the best park systems in the nation. These rankings were decided upon in regards to the accessibility of the park state, amenities, investment, and acreage. This goes to show that Philadelphia put its all into transforming the cities’ green spaces. Philadelphia features several lively urban parks that encourage visitors and residents to relax and unwind. Pick your spot from the available park systems, including Valley Park, Fairmount Park, and Spruce Street Harbor Park.



8. Philadelphia Eagles



You cannot afford to miss out on Philadelphia’s beloved professional football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Catch one of their games at their home stadium, the Lincoln Financial Field, to experience the team in its full glory. Typically, their pre-season begins in August, while their actual season starts in September. You can also catch more of their post-season games in January. The Philadelphia Eagles are undoubtedly the pride and joy of the city.


Philadelphia, the home of fascinating historical sites, delicious cheesesteaks, and captivating murals, has so much to offer. While these 8 notable features of Philadelphia are as captivating as they could be, there’s nothing more attractive than an environment that’s been thoroughly and professionally cleaned.


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