Clean Your Bedroom Like a Pro with This Checklist

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Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is probably one of the most important to keep clean and tidy. It is your private space and deserves the extra time and effort it takes to keep it looking clean and feeling cozy and inviting. Whether it’s time for a deep clean or just part of a weekend refresh, we want to help. We’ve organized an easy-to-follow checklist you can refer back to as you take on cleaning your bedroom.

Why is A Clean Bedroom Important?


Why should you even bother to put time and effort into keeping your bedroom clean if you’re just going to mess it up again later? The overall benefits of having a tidy bedroom outweigh everything else in our opinion:

  • A stress-free environment within your home
  • A private space you can make your own
  • An escape from work, family, or just a hectic day
  • A peaceful environment for more restful sleep
  • Keeping your bedroom clutter-free inspires you to keep your home clutter-free


Freshen-up & Reset



Now that the simplest tasks are out of the way, you can start the more in-depth cleaning. These tasks can be completed on a weekly basis during your routine. We suggest completing the following once a week:

  • Change and wash bedding
  • Vacuum or mop the floor
  • Dust surfaces and tall furniture
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Disinfect door handles and switches
  • Check for and clean stains on carpets and rugs


Time For A Deep Clean


Completing the daily and weekly tasks can help you keep your bedroom tidy until your deep clean. When you’re ready to tackle the more thorough cleaning process, you can get started with the following tasks:

  • Vacuum and deodorize the mattress (tip: you can use some baking soda to do this)
  • Spot clean or wash curtains
  • Roll up any rugs and shake them out outside
  • Remove and dust any wall art
  • Dust ceiling lights and fans
  • Wipe down walls, paying special attention to scuff marks or stains
  • Clean and vacuum vent covers
  • Wipe down baseboards, doors, and trim
  • Change any lightbulbs or air filters if necessary


Extra Steps For An All-Out Refresh


If you really want to go above and beyond with your bedroom deep clean, consider a declutter as well. This is a great way to make sure your bedroom, closet, and dressers are in great shape. We recommend including a decluttering session twice a year, as the seasons change, in order to make sure you clear out any seasonal clothing and accessories. Here are our suggested steps for decluttering:

  • Completely empty out your closet and or dresser and separate each piece of clothing into simple categories (shirts, pants, dresses, swimwear, underwear, etc.).
  • Working through one category at a time, decide the best way to sort each clothing item (keep, donate, store, etc.).
  • For out-of-season or sentimental clothing, consider placing clothes into bins or vacuum-sealed bags to save space.
  • Put the clothing you plan to keep back in your closet or drawers and place the donatable clothing into bags and remove them from the room.
  • Remove all accessories like jewelry, purses, and shoes from their storage and complete the same sorting processes for these items.
  • If you use under-the-bed storage, empty this space as well and, again, follow the same sorting processes.
  • Locate any torn or worn-out clothing that you may have held onto, like underwear, pantyhose, or socks, and throw them out.=
  • Remove any old gift bags or empty boxes from your closet and dispose of them.
  • Empty nightstand drawers and declutter any items that don’t belong like paper or snack trash.


Finishing Touches


When you have finished your deep clean, and seasonal declutter if needed, you can add the final touches to your bedroom. These extra steps can take your space to another level of coziness when your bedroom is clean and tidy:

  • Replace any rugs and curtains if they were removed to wash
  • Fluff your pillows and remake your bed if you washed your sheets
  • Make sure all clean clothes are put away and all dirty clothes are in your hamper or have been taken to the laundry
  • Close any open drawers and closet doors
  • Change the batteries in any remotes and replug any devices removed during cleaning
  • Use a room spray or light your favorite scented candle



You’ve done it, you now have a fully clean and decluttered bedroom! This is a great way to kickstart your cleaning journey within your home, and maybe inspire the rest of your family to join in. We suggest making a weekly refresh part of your schedule to keep your bedroom from becoming too cluttered between deep cleans. However, we know deep cleans aren’t everyone’s favorite task and that’s where we come in! You can contact our house cleaners Houston and we’ll help you find the right services for your whole house, not just your bedroom. We’re happy to provide friendly and affordable services that will get you the results you’ve been looking for.


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