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Typically, whiteboards are considered beneficial tools for schools and professional workspaces. Yet, they can be helpful in your house as well. These are practical for your home office, homeschool setup, household schedules, and other duties. Each day, you can rely on these to formulate and track ideas regarding the events in your residence. However, after countless lists, notes, and drawings, your whiteboard may get covered in marker residue or appear too stained to continue using.


Once your whiteboard reaches this unattractive condition, you may wonder what to do next. You may feel like pulling out your hair as you determine how to tackle the shabby surface filled with evidence of previous scribblings and a barely white exterior. Fortunately, there are ways to get your board looking new again without driving yourself crazy. Please continue reading below for methods to properly clean your whiteboard.


Cleaning Your Whiteboard


After using your whiteboard, you may see that it is full of notes, numbers, lists, and charts. You may feel that you must leave these writings in place until your project gets concluded. Yet, the most suitable way to cleanse a whiteboard and extend its life is by cleaning it right away.



It would be better for your whiteboard and goals if you snapped pictures of your notations and printed them out or saved them on your tablet, phone, or computer. Once the information gets preserved, you should wipe over your board and keep it cleaned on a regular basis. For a whiteboard that gets used as a monthly calendar, gently dab away the passed days to have a clean surface ready at the end of the month.



Way to Routinely Clean Your Whiteboard


1. Apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol to a napkin or clean cloth. 

2. Work the dampened material in a circular motion across the exterior of your board.

3. Repeat the above steps as necessary to remove all stains.

4. Use a cloth moistened with water to remove any residue left on the surface after the cleaning.

5. Use a clean napkin or cloth to dry the surface. You can choose to air dry, but this often leaves unsightly streaks.


While this approach focuses on how to cleanse your whiteboard with alcohol, you can substitute that ingredient with the below household staples:



White Vinegar


If you have ever added vinegar to a meal, you know that it can enhance the flavors and make your dish more interesting. However, it can get used for many more reasons like thwarting a pest infestation, making beauty products, killing weeds, and many more undertakings. When using vinegar around your space, you have a cheaper, easier way to manage the upkeep.



Vinegar often gets used to remove paint from wood and metal and can work wonders on your whiteboard. Use a clean bowl to mix one teaspoon of vinegar per cup of water and increase the amount of vinegar if you need a more robust blend. You can dip a soft cloth in the mixture and rub the whiteboard in a circular motion. Keep doing this technique until all the smudges and letterings get cleared away.



Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is a humble yet powerful substance to use for cleaning. It is easy to find at nearby stores, inexpensive, and tremendously effective in cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing surfaces around your home. To use it for cleaning your whiteboard, pour a few drops onto a clean cloth and swab the board until the markings have gotten cleared.



For areas with persistent stains, you can rub a more generous amount of hydrogen peroxide on those spots. By applying enough to form a thin layer over the board, you will have extra peroxide to extract more of the dye and release any leftover pigments.



Dry Erase Marker


When you have an urgent message or significant fact to remember, you may want to record the information quickly. You may move swiftly, so you will not lose the thought. But rushing to get this accomplished may cause you to grab a permanent marker to record your details. This mistake may seem like you have ruined your board, but there is a way to remove the damage. Thankfully, you can use a dry erase marker to reverse the damage.

To remove permanent ink from your whiteboard, you can draw over the permanent ink with a dry erase marker. After that, brush over both with a clean cloth. Keep sketching with the dry erase marker and wiping away until both are gone. Once this gets finished, wipe the entire board with a mixture of alcohol and water to get it fully clean again.



Preventing Whiteboard Marker Stains


The key to having stain-free whiteboards is to wipe them down completely once you finish using them. Thoroughly cleaning your whiteboard of all prior handwriting is particularly necessary before writing on it again. The board may have come with an eraser composed of felt or foam. But, these often fail to remove all of the ink gathered on your board. The felt or foam material can even contribute to the marks, smudges, or dark dust you want to get cleared. Instead of struggling with this, use a microfiber cloth as a whiteboard eraser.



Once you clean your whiteboard, you may have urgent reminders or clever ideas to jot down. There are many endeavors you may want to pursue, and you deserve the chance to explore all of your interests. As you focus on getting that done, you can allow our Denver Cleanzen team to clean your home. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment with a professional from our team.


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