Best Ways To Clean and Maintain Your Patio

The patio is a wonderful space for entertaining guests or just for relaxing by yourself when the weather is pleasant. It’s a space with all the benefits of being outdoors without actually having to put on shoes and get your feet dirty. However, your patio will become dirty in time. Through regular use and the effects of weather, your patio will be in need of cleaning. If you want to keep it looking presentable and welcoming, then you will have to cleaned it every so often. Here is a short guide to cleaning your patio effectively and thoroughly.


Clear the Space


If you are going to clean the patio well, you will need to clear it off completely. Remove all the tables, chairs, plants, and other items so that the entire patio is clean. Just moving everything to the side isn’t enough, as dirt can be trapped behind and under items on your patio. Take each piece of furniture or decoration off of the patio completely, and then you will have space to work freely so that you can clean thoroughly. Otherwise, you’ll just be doing a partial cleaning.



Wipe Down the Furniture


Your patio furniture can trap dirt and debris, and it will need to be cleaned as well. Since you have taken time to move it off the patio, you should move it to some place where you can clean that furniture effectively. The driveway is a good location to spray down your furniture. You will want to remove all cushions or other removable fabric items and scrub down the hard surfaces. Fabric items can be cleaned with upholstery cleaner or fabric refresher, or you can run them through the laundry.




All fabric items should be left to dry completely before putting them back on the furniture so that you prevent mildew. Look for signs of pests living in your patio furniture and get rid of them as quickly as possible to preserve these items.



Clean the Grill



If you have a grill on your patio, there is a good chance that it will be the toughest item to clean. You can make things easier on yourself by using degreaser, which loosens the oils on the grill and makes it simple to wipe it clean afterwards.


Any metal components on the grill can be cleaned with metal polish, and you should use some WD-40 or other lubricant on moving parts to prevent rust and ensure free movement on all the grill’s parts. Allow the grill to sit open until the smell of degreaser and other cleaners has dissipated so that they don’t affect the taste of your food the next time you grill out.



Hose Down the Patio


One of the most effective cleaning methods for tidying up a patio is to spray it down with a hose. This moves a lot of dirt and debris off the patio without you having to do the heavy lifting yourself. It works best if you have the patio completely cleared, so there is nothing in the way as you hose down the surface. You can spray the railing and underside of the patio as well, doing the work of scrubbing the patio without all the exertion.



This method can use a lot of water, so if your area is going through a dry spell and there are water restrictions, you should clean the patio by hand rather than use the hose. To make the hose-down more effective and easier, take a few minutes to sweep the patio off first. This will get rid of the larger debris that the hose would have trouble pushing off.



Cleaning Enclosed Patios


If you have an enclosed, indoor patio, you will probably not be able to do the cleaning with a hose, unless there is excellent drainage. Instead, you will likely need to mop and scrub by hand to clean up the floor, washing the windows with glass cleaner to make them shine. You may be able to clean off the exterior of the patio with a hose, though, or a power washer, if appropriate. Also ensure that the roof of the patio is cleaned off so that you prevent structural stability issues.



Each Patio Is Different




The material your patio is made from will determine the cleaning method. Patios with loose flagstones will need to have those stones moved off in order for the patio to be cleaned properly. Wooden patios may need to be waxed to really shine after a proper cleaning. Concrete patios are probably the simplest to clean, as they can usually be tidied up with a simple washing.


Hope this guide gets your patio back to its best, if you need help in maintaining your home clean and dazzling, Cleanzen is just a call away! We provide professional cleaning services at affordable rates, nothing beats professional touch.


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