How To Clean and Maintain Your Ashy Fireplace Glass Doors

fire place with glass doors

Curling up next to your fireplace on chilly days is the perfect way to stay cozy and warm. Your picture-perfect moments, however, can be ruined by filthy glass doors over the fireplace. The glass may be smudged by fingerprints on the exterior and caked with ash and soot from the burning wood on the interior. Many people do not realize that the glass should be cleaned on a weekly basis during the cooler months of the year for aesthetics as well as for their personal safety.


Cleaning the glass doors on your fireplace can be a filthy, draining project. However, using the right supplies and techniques can help you to simplify the process and enjoy better results. What does it take to thoroughly clean the glass doors on your fireplace?



  • Protect Your Floor


The last thing that you want is to damage your carpeting or other types of flooring while you are cleaning out the fireplace. Ash and soot are filthy substances that can seemingly spread everywhere. Because of this, the first step is to protect your flooring as well as any nearby furniture and accessories by covering them with a cloth. If possible, remove all items that are within a few feet of the fireplace. Spread an old cloth or a clean towel in front of the fireplace.



  • Remove the Ash



You will want to clean the interior and the exterior of the glass, so it makes sense to remove all ash and charred wood pieces from the fireplace before you start scrubbing the window. Use your fireplace utensils to scoop the cooled debris out of the fireplace. You can follow this up by using your vacuum cleaner to suction away any remaining ash particles.



  • Gather Your Supplies


Some people will actually use the ash as an abrasive cleaning agent for the glass. This is because the ash has mild caustic properties, and it generally is not abrasive enough to damage the glass. If you are not comfortable cleaning with ash, a great alternative is to fill a clean spray bottle with a combination of white vinegar and freshwater.



If you are dealing with many months or years of caked-on mess, consider using a chemical oven-cleaning product. The odors from these products can be strong and unhealthy, so ensure that your space is properly ventilated before you begin. In addition, put on rubber gloves and a facemask regardless of the supplies that you choose to use.



  • Scrub the Glass




When using an oven-cleaning product or vinegar, you generally will need to leave the liquid on the glass for at least a few minutes. Always follow the instructions on store-bought products. After the time has passed, use a clean sponge or cloth to begin scrubbing away the soot and ash residue. In some cases, the grime may be so thick that you will need to repeat the cleaning process at least a few times. If the soot is very thick, consider using a razor blade or another sharp edge to scrape off most of the debris before applying your cleaning product.



  • Choose the Best Wood


After the glass is finally clean, you understandably want to keep it clean going forward. Generally, hardwood burns cleaner than softer wood will. The wood should always be dry to reduce the amount of smoke and soot that the glass is exposed to. Even when you use high-quality wood from a hardwood species, it is helpful to habitually clean the glass at least one time each week. This will help you to avoid a thick, caked-on mess in the future.






Your fireplace is only one of many areas of your home that will get filthy over time. Falling behind on your cleaning chores often means that the mess will be tougher to deal with in the future. Unfortunately, finding the time, energy, and motivation to tackle all of the chores that need your attention on a regular basis is easier said than done.



If you are falling behind on your chores or if you simply prefer to spend your free time in more enjoyable ways, the perfect solution is to hire the best cleaning service in town. Our home cleaners can tailor their efforts to fit your specific needs, and this includes cleaning the glass on your fireplace doors. They know how to clean your tough messes efficiently, and they have the skills and equipment necessary to consistently do a great job. To learn more about our home cleaning services and to request an estimate with our competitive rates, contact us today.


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