20 Habits for a Clean Home

We all know or know someone whose home is always clean and put together as if they are always expecting important guests. If you’ve often wondered how they keep their homes in such a tidy state and how you can also achieve it, look no further. We’ve put together a list of some of the most trusted tips, tricks, and habits that tidy people swear by so that you can be in the know and get your home looking company-ready in no time.

1. Shoes Off in the House


One of the most common habits of people with super-clean homes is the adoption of a no-shoe rule, whether it is a cultural practice or not. Shoes can easily track in dirt, leaves, and other outside germs and mud that can make the home not only messy but smelly too. This is a common practice because it is simple and easy to maintain, all you have to do is remember to take your shoes off at the door.


2. Clean While Cooking


woman doing dishes and pots


A lot of homes and families follow the “you cook, I’ll clean” rule in their kitchens, and this is definitely a beneficial habit. However, what many families with clean homes will tell you is that they actually clean while they cook, not after. Cleaning while you cook is the best way to eliminate stubborn stuck-on food, and you won’t even have to let anything soak in the sink.


3. Eliminate Junk Drawers


The presence of junk drawers within the home is a clear sign of chaos, so it is best to eradicate them once and for all. Clearing junk drawers is a great way to make sure everything in the home has a place and a function. Take some time to pay attention to what is found within the junk drawers and be mindful of how everything fits into the home.


4. Make a List and Keep it Visible


Making a mental note of tasks to handle throughout the day is a good way to stay motivated when cleaning, but it is not always the most efficient. One way to aid this is by writing down the to-do list and keeping it visible to everyone in the home. When every task is visible and can be physically crossed off, it can be easier to keep everyone motivated and accountable when cleaning.


5. Make Every Bed Everyday


Woman Making The Bed In The Morning


Making the bed every morning, like the “no shoes” rule, is one of the simplest habits to start within a clean home. The bed is the centerpiece of every bedroom so when it looks tidy, the rest of the room will follow its lead. Starting each day with a freshly made bed can lead to higher productivity as well as a more restful sleep each night.


6. Do a Quarterly Deep Clean


Everyone knows spring cleaning is a good habit to live by, but what about winter, fall, and summer cleaning? One of the most effective habits within clean homes is a quarterly deep clean and decluttering, especially as the seasons change so that clothing and seasonal decorations can be reviewed. This is one of the best ways to keep clutter under control within the home.


7. Have Designated Zones


Clean homes with pets and children seem unattainable, and yet they are possible. The best way to maintain order in a home is by creating and outlining specific areas for specific people or activities. It would be smart to keep your pet’s leashes and care items in one place and organized so that everything is within reach. Similarly, keeping kids’ toys and games organized and within a designated area can be a great way to keep little ones accountable.


8. Stay Ahead of Laundry Piles


woman doing her laundry at home


While some homes with multiple family members can have laundry piling up on a daily basis, there are others that seem to always have neatly folded and fresh clothing at the ready. Daily or semi-daily laundry washes are a great way to keep clothes and linens fresh and organized around the home, as well as a good way to make sure the home always smells fresh.


9. Sweep, Vacuum, and Dust Daily


Floors easily accumulate dirt, dander, and debris throughout the week. By incorporating a regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming routine, the buildup is manageable. By having a regular dusting routine, there will be fewer allergens floating through the air of the home, making a noticeable impact on the overall health of family and pets. keeping the dust from Clean floors keep a home looking and feeling tidy and well-kept, so it is no secret that maintaining them can make a difference.


10. Choose One Room to Clean Each Week


Maintaining an already tidy home is far easier than maintaining a home that requires more extensive work. For homes that require that extra effort, a good way to get started with managing the mess is by choosing one room to focus on for the week. By fully decluttering and tidying the home room-by-room, the space can become both functional and easier to clean.


11. Keep Counters Clear


woman cleaning her house


Countertops and other flat surfaces around the home are like magnets for random clutter throughout the week. However, clean homes seem to always have perfectly clear and clutter-free surfaces. Ensuring that everything has a place within bathrooms and kitchens and also taking that extra 5 minutes during the day to put everything where it belongs can make a huge difference in daily cleaning within the home.


12. Clean Showers After Every Use


Another easy and simple task that can be done to keep a home clean is wiping down and cleaning the showers after using them. Showers can get surprisingly filthy after just a few uses and who feels as clean as they should after using a dirty tub or shower? After showering, using a squeegee to remove the water can minimize any hard water or soap stains from the walls, especially within glass showers. Having a simple cleaning solution on hand to use in the shower is also a good way to stay on top of any stains.


13. Master the Art of Multitasking


Cleaning, tidying, and decluttering can all be time-consuming tasks that can take up more time in the day than planned. One of the best ways to accomplish more while cleaning is by multitasking. Much like cleaning while cooking, vacuuming while laundry washes, or making phone calls while doing the dishes can allow for more to be accomplished during the day. Listening to a podcast or audiobook is also a great way to pass time while completing mundane and boring tasks.


14. Keep Windows and Mirrors Clean


woman cleaning window glass at home


Glass surfaces and windows are magnets for dust and fingerprints to accumulate on throughout the week. One of the hallmarks of a truly clean and tidy home is well-maintained and shiny windows and mirrors. Incorporating a regular cleaning and polishing routine for any and all glass and other shiny surfaces is a great way to keep the home looking and feeling bright and fresh.


15. Know When to Let Go


Regular decluttering is one of the more complicated habits of clean home keepers, however, it can be one of the most effective. One of the biggest problems a home can have is an overabundance of unnecessary stuff. Cabinets, pantries, closets, and spare rooms can be full of clutter and junk. Making a habit of making regular donations or second-hand shop sales is a good way to minimize the clutter around the home.


16. Get Everyone Involved


Homes with several family members have the benefit of divided tasks. When multiple people are available to tackle the regular cleaning routine, the whole job can be accomplished quickly and efficiently so that everyone can move on to personal projects within a freshly tidied space. Families that work together to tackle the cleaning projects around the home can improve relationships as well as build valuable skills in organization and efficiency when working as a team.


17. Invest in Effective Products and Tools


woman cleaning the curtain using vacuum


One of the best things about clean homes is the availability of high-quality cleaning tools and products. Investing in highly rated and efficient cleaning tools like high-end vacuums, carpet cleaners, and sweeper-mop devices can make a huge difference in the overall cleanliness of the home. Even investing in high-quality products can be the difference between having a streak-free mirror and not. Breaking the bank for top-rated cleaning supplies is not required, but budget options will not always garner the best results.


18. Keep Up with Grooming


Pets are considered beloved family members in most homes, so why not keep them just as clean and fresh as the rest of the family? Pets can bring in all kinds of dander and debris from their adventures outside, so a good habit to adopt in order to combat this is a regular grooming and care schedule. Don’t forget to brush and de-shed pets regularly to stay on top of dander around the home.


19. Disinfect Daily


Clean homes are often the healthiest homes, and that isn’t just because of eating or exercise habits. Homes that are tidy and clutter-free are easier to clean and keep clean, and this is especially true for surfaces and items that are used regularly. When everything is accessible, it is easier to disinfect and stop the spread of germs and bacteria around the home. A cleaner home is a great start to a healthier home.


20. Organize Behind Closed Doors


woman packing away clean laundry at home


Even when a home appears clean and tidy, there can be hidden messes behind any door. Closets, pantries, and even refrigerators are easy to forget when cleaning and organizing because there is less of a need to make them appear tidy. One of the best habits of people with clean homes is going beyond the visible elements of the home and making sure that every aspect of the space is functional and organized.


What are the Benefits of a Clean Home?


You now have an arsenal of helpful habits and tips to use in your own home’s routine, you might wonder why you should incorporate them. The benefits of a clean home are vast but here are just a few of the best reasons to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible:

  • Cleaner air and surfaces can minimize allergies as well as lessen the spread of harmful germs and bacteria around the home.
  • When the whole family works together to accomplish the cleaning goals around the house, you’ll notice how well everyone can get along and work as a team. By the time your home is clean, you’ll have more time and energy for your family and friends.
  • Clean and tidy surroundings are a guaranteed way to reduce stress and anxiety, who wouldn’t feel more relaxed in a clutter-free home?
  • When you’re less stressed, you’ll get better sleep and feel more rested and productive each morning.
  • The feeling of having accomplished something as huge as fully cleaning and completely decluttering your home is incomparable, so once it’s all done you’ll have a reason to celebrate and reward yourself.


kitchen countertop with bar stools


There is just one last secret to let you in on for keeping a clean home: You can ask for help when you need it. Hiring a cleaning service can take a huge weight off your shoulders especially if you find yourself without the time or energy to take on cleaning your home yourself. There is no harm or shame in calling in a professional service to help you deep clean or even get organized and declutter. Our team of friendly and professional cleaners are here to help you, so check out Cleanzen cleaning services in Miami. You can contact us to schedule a consultation or even just ask some questions, we would love to get you started on your home’s cleaning journey. What kind of tips and tricks do you use to keep your home clean and tidy? Share your secrets in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!


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