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While mirrors often get used for checking your physical appearance, they can also make rooms in your home appear larger and brighter. Yet, these reflective surfaces can get dirtied with dust and dirt over time. As you change clothes, comb your hair, and brush your teeth, you may spread flecks of hair, fibers, and other debris onto the exterior. As you clean these away, leftover streaks and smudges can cause your mirror to look even worse. You may put tremendous effort into getting your reflective furnishings cleaned but create a mess that is just as bad.


Even if this has cleaning issue has happened multiple times in the past, you can move past this problem. With new products and techniques, you can have shinier mirrors right away. Continue reading below to discover new ways to clean your mirrors.

Using Natural Products To Clean Your Mirrors


There are many glass cleaning products you can find at a nearby store, but you can also use natural items that you may have around your home. These can be just as effective as a store-bought cleanser and are often better for the environment and your household.



Rubbing Alcohol


Dried on toothpaste, hairspray residue, and other sticky remnants can be more challenging to remove from your mirrors. When you have a buildup like this, you can use 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to improve the look. Many people think that a higher concentration is more satisfactory, but 70% is better for disinfecting. The increased water in this percentage causes it to dissolve slowly and makes it more capable of killing bacteria. You can apply the alcohol to a cloth or cotton pad and rub away at these problem areas. Once the stuck-on dirt gets removed, wipe over the mirror with long strokes rather than circular motions.



Lemon Juice

If you have ever tasted a lemon or a tart glass of lemonade, you know how acidic it can be. This harsh characteristic is why lemon juice is great to use on your mirrors. Get started by mixing three tablespoons of lemon juice with one cup of water in a spray bottle or a bowl, this cleaning solution will sweep away any dirt with a microfiber cloth.





Vinegar is a great way to break up the grime gathered on your mirror and allow you to wipe the dirt away without leaving streaks. Not only is it helpful on your mirrors, but you can use it on your windows, photo frames, glass tables, and more. To get this done, pour 1 cup of vinegar with a cup of water into a spray bottle and spritz the site you want to clean. Avoid using a napkin that will leave behind small particles, and use a microfiber cloth instead.



Black Tea
Warm tea is a great way to remain cozy on a cold day, or iced tea can get used to staying refreshed on warmer days. Even though it serves as a delicious beverage throughout the year, you can also use it on your mirrors. The tannic acid in black tea can eliminate dirt and work as an effective cleaning agent. To try this as a cleaning solution, add three tea bags to eight ounces of boiling water. After letting it steep for fifteen minutes, pour it into your spray bottle and use it on your shiny surfaces.



Removing Stains From Your Mirrors


It can get hard to have the spotless facade you expect when skincare products, makeup, or fingerprints land on your mirrors. To get these removed, you may need a bit more elbow grease. Get going by making a mental note of the places you plan to address. After that, add 70% rubbing alcohol to a small cotton pad and rub the discolored areas until they are clear again.


If grime has accumulated on the corners of your mirror, use an old toothbrush to scrub those places. Add alcohol to a spray bottle and squirt the areas that need scouring. Once you get done, apply an even mist to your mirror without over spraying it and wipe it clean.



Helpful Tips To Get Improved Results With Your Mirrors



Contain the Mess


If you soak the mirror with your choice of a cleaning solution, the excess liquid may flow down to the counter or floor underneath your mirror. This approach will give you additional work to handle and make your cleaning task more difficult. You would get better results if you spritz your cleaner at the top and work down to the bottom with long horizontal motions.



Avoid Newspaper

You may have heard about older traditions that include cleaning your mirrors with a newspaper. Yet, that is not as effective today. The paper and ink currently used in these journals are different from what was used in the past. The ones available today are more likely to transfer ink onto your mirror and cause the surface to become more clouded.



Do Not Touch


While you clean your mirror, you may find yourself touching parts of it while attaining your results. But, this can ruin your work and require you to repeat your efforts. You will gain more success by folding your cloth as you clean and keeping your fingers away. Also, when you get done, you should stand back and glance at the mirror from various angles to see if you missed any stains or accidentally left your fingerprints behind.



Establish a Routine


If your mirrors get very dirty, they can diminish the look of your room and become overwhelming to manage. Yet, using a cleaning routine will help attain more enjoyment from having them in your home and provide an easier time keeping them polished. If you wipe them with a damp cloth at least once a month, you will always have sparkling mirrors in your home.



Enjoy a Superior House Cleaning Service



Scrubbing your mirrors can become a time-consuming task, particularly if your house has multiple mirrors. Getting this accomplished can take up the moments you need for more significant activities, like bonding with your family or accomplishing career goals. Often, you will be more content if you hire our professional cleaning team for help. At Cleanzen, we can provide superior cleaning services to ensure your home stays clean and healthy. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.


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