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Your home’s windows and windowsills can become caked with dust, pet dander, pet hair, and even mold over time. When you open your windows to let fresh air in on a beautiful day, you may also discover that the window tracks, as well as the windows themselves, are also filthy. Your home cannot truly be clean when these areas are caked with dirt. Knowing how to properly clean your home’s windows and windowsills can help you to enjoy great results with minimal time and effort.



  • Clean the Blinds and Drapes



Your blinds and drapes will become saturated with dust, dust mites, and other types of filth over time. When you open and close these features, the particles will spread throughout the room. They will also land on the windows and windowsills. Because of this, a thorough cleaning will begin with a focus on the blinds and drapes. The proper cleaning techniques for blinds and drapes are dependent on their style and materials. For example, you could vacuum aluminum blinds, but you should launder cloth sheers in the washing machine according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.



  • Focus on the Windows


After cleaning the blinds and drapes, you are ready to clean the interior of the windows. Wipe down the glass surfaces initially to remove as much loose debris as possible. If cobwebs or other debris has gathered in the corners, use your vacuum’s handheld attachment to quickly and thoroughly remove them. Then, spray your preferred glass cleaner on the windows. This may include store-bought cleaning products or a homemade concoction of water and white vinegar. Wipe down the glass with a clean microfiber cloth, or use a clean squeegee. Be aware that the best time to clean window glass is on a cloudy day with mild temperatures. This enables you to see smudges more easily and to wipe down the windows before solar heating dries the cleaning products on the glass.



The exterior of your windows may also require attention. You can use these same cleaning steps on windows on the lower level of your home. Professional assistance from a reliable window cleaning company may be required in order to safely clean the exterior of your home’s elevated windows.



  • Clean the Tracks


The next step is to open the windows so that you can target the gunk on the tracks. Vacuum the tracks using a handheld attachment to remove the loose debris. Then, sprinkle baking soda on the track, and spray white vinegar on the baking soda. This combination of ingredients will bubble as it breaks down various types of grime on the tracks. After 10 minutes, wipe away the liquid and all of the mess that the bubbling action has freed up. You may need to repeat this process several more times if your window tracks are very filthy. For hard-to-remove clumps, use an old knife or a small brush with firm bristles. Before turning your attention away from the tracks, apply a spray lubricant to them. This will ensure that you can continue to open and close the windows easily.



  • Wipe Down the Windowsills



Your efforts to clean the window treatments, tracks, and glass can result in various types of debris landing on the windowsills. Because of this, the windowsills should be the last area that you clean. Generally, a concoction of white vinegar and water will remove the mold growth and will clean away other substances as well. However, you may need to use a bleach-based cleaning product if the mold growth is significant. After cleaning, ensure that you thoroughly dry the windowsills to prevent warped wood.



  • Repeat as Needed


Some people wonder how frequently they should clean their windows. The blinds, tracks, and glass may only need to be cleaned every few months, but the windowsills should at least be dusted off on a weekly basis. If you have pets or children who touch the glass and window treatments, however, these areas may need to be cleaned more frequently as well.



At Cleanzen, our professional maids are happy to tackle all of your home cleaning chores so that you can relax and enjoy your free time on your own terms. Cleaning your windows and windowsills generally is not required on a weekly basis, but you will need to give them proper attention from time to time. Whether you need help cleaning your home’s interior windows and windowsills today or you have much more significant and regular needs, we are ready to help. Contact Cleanzen today to schedule the home cleaning services that you need.


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