How Much is A Cleaner Per Hour in Chicago?

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Cleaning is not a cheap affair. Unfortunately, the cost of professional cleaning services has increased in the past few years. House cleaning services are not one size fits all, and you should consider several things. As a company based in Chicago, Cleanzen understands the unique challenges of navigating the city’s busy streets, from the grime of Lake Michigan to the grit of the Chicago River. That’s why Cleanzen offers affordable house cleaning services in the city that wash away those street side messes and leave you with a fresh feeling for your home. Learn more and know the most important factors influencing the price of house cleaning per hour in Chicago area.


Cleaning Frequency



The hourly rate for house cleaning services in Chicago varies according to the frequency of cleanings. The average price per hour of a more frequent cleaning is $50, while the average per hour of a less frequent cleaning is $70. Of course, the frequency of cleanings depends on the purpose and size of your home and the quality and skills of the cleaner, so it’s important to consider these factors when hiring a cleaner.



Number of Cleaners


Supply and demand are also factors in determining house cleaning costs per hour. If there is a large supply of house cleaners available in Chicago, their salaries will be lower than those in areas with fewer house cleaners available. If a cleaner is given more hours, the hourly wage will go up, but if a company uses more cleaners to clean more houses in the same amount of time, they will have a lower salary per hour overall.



The Difficulty of the Job



Each job will be priced according to the difficulty of the task. For instance, if some pets or kids contribute to any mess, you can expect the charges to be higher. Room sizes could be similar, but messier rooms attract higher charges. Also, some spaces have more cleaning challenges than others due to their shape and construction. For example, a house with an open floor plan might be more difficult to clean than a more traditional layout.



Condition of the House



One of the most important is the condition of the house. You should note that cleanliness is a very subjective concept. People have different views on what is clean and not, and this perception can change over time. However, the state of your home can have a big impact on your house cleaning costs: For example, kitchens are typically much more expensive to clean than bathrooms. This is because kitchens have more hard surfaces that need to be scrubbed and cleaned and more appliances that require regular upkeep, such as ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and sinks. Kitchens also typically require more time to tidy up than bathrooms do. Even if you keep mess-free day-to-day, there’s still usually at least some degree of a mess when it comes time for the deep clean.



Square Footage of the House


As the square footage of a house increases in Chicago, so do the house cleaning costs per hour. As the square footage of a house decreases in Chicago, so do the house cleaning costs per hour. Also, cleaners charge more per hour for properties with many windows or exterior walls. Windows are hard to clean, and exterior walls require ladders and heavy equipment. These services will thus increase the price per hour.



Type of Cleaning Needed



House cleaning services can be broken down into two general types: basic and deep. As you’d expect, basic cleaning is a more superficial cleaning that covers most areas of the home. Deep cleaning is more intense and covers every surface of the home and each room in it, including under beds, behind doors, and inside cabinets. The amount of time it takes to clean an entire home with either approach varies depending on the size and layout of the home. A smaller house might take 3-4 hours to clean, while a larger one could take 8-12 hours or longer to complete due to its larger size and a more extensive list of surfaces to clean. While more time may be required for deep cleaning, many people find that it’s worth it for how much better their home feels afterward and how long their home stays clean.



Distance to Your Place


Cleaning companies charge more when they travel long distances to get to a property. Houses located in rural areas tend to have higher prices due to transport costs.



Why You Should Choose Us


We know that finding a good house cleaner in Chicago can be tricky, but there are ways to tell who is worth your time and who isn’t. So now that you’ve found us, we hope you’ll choose our house cleaning services in Chicago. We have a reliable and experienced team of cleaners who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty and who’ll be by your side from start to finish. When you hire us as your cleaning service, our team will come and clean your home or business as needed while respecting your space and your belongings. And because we work with you directly, we’re able to customize our service according to your needs.


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