Filthy Earbuds? Here’s How You Can Keep It Clean

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If you love listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts, you want to enjoy this pastime in as many places as possible. But, you cannot disturb others at your local coffee shop, gym, or office with the noise from your interests. Instead, you may use earbuds that will hide the sound and allow you to focus on your task.


When you keep your earbuds clean, the sound quality will become much better, and they will last much longer. Along with that, removing dirt from your earbuds will protect your health also. If you stick dirty items into your ear canal, you increase your chance of an ear infection. To keep your earbuds clean, please review the tips below on appropriately care for them.

Quickly Cleaning Your Earbuds


If your schedule allows it, you should wipe down your earbuds with a damp cloth at least once a week. The fabric should be moistened with soapy water and not isopropyl alcohol which could withdraw the color or break down the material. A more thorough cleaning should occur once each month or more frequently if you wear your earbuds with fitness workouts that cause your face or head to drip sweat on your ears.



Deep Cleaning Your Earbuds


Once you decide to do a deep clean on your earbuds, you should know that these devices should not get submerged underwater or in running water. Even if you do this for a second, you could damage them beyond repair. Also, you should disconnect them from your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other equipment before proceeding.



Wash the Tips of Your Earbuds

Your earbuds may have tips or caps added on to make them more comfortable. Remove these if you can, so you can get a more detailed clean. Create a mixture that includes one part dishwashing liquid and five parts warm water in a small container. Place the tips into this solution, soak them for thirty minutes, and then use a cotton swab to rub them clean. Allow them to sit as long as necessary to become fully dry before placing them back on your earbuds.



Address the Mesh Cover on Your Earbuds


If you have an extra toothbrush you do not mind discarding, apply it to mesh a screen covering your earbuds. Keep it dry and gently brush any grime out of the screening. This action will be most effective if you hold the earbud downwards so the loose dirt can fall out rather than back into the screening.



Once that gets done, you can lightly dip a cotton swab into isopropyl alcohol and wipe it over the mesh to remove any residue. While doing this, make sure you do not over-saturate swab with alcohol. Too much fluid will cause moisture to trickle into the inside of the earbud.



Sanitize the Exterior of Your Earbud


The exterior of your earbud comes in contact with your ears and any surface you may lay it on. To clean and sanitize this area, lightly douse a microfiber cloth with alcohol and use it to wipe along the exterior surfaces. Using a microfiber material is a great way to keep fibers off your device. You can use a prepackaged alcohol wipe if you have one available.


If cords are attached to your earbuds, they can pick up dirt as they come in contact with various surfaces. To clean away the crud they have collected, stroke them with a soapy cloth. Once that is done, use the alcohol-dipped microfiber cloth or alcohol wipe to disinfect the cords. Once you have finished these steps, let the earbuds air dry. Avoid the temptation to use a hairdryer or any other source of direct heat to get them dry again.



Cleaning Your Earbud Charging Case and Battery Connections


If your earbuds come with a storage case, they must be kept clean along with the connectors. The small pins that can allow your earbuds to charge can collect dirt and slow their ability to repower.

Start by cleaning the inside of your case with a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol. Only use a small amount to clean the container and avoid getting any liquid on the charging ports if they are part of the compartment. If the pins or connectors have collected grime, use a cotton swab to dab away the mess.



Storing Headphones So They Stay Cleaner for Longer


When you are not using your earbuds, it is good to store them in a bag or your protective case. This step will keep them from accumulating dust and prevent scratches and chips. If you still have the compartment they came in, place them back into that case, or you can try a zipper-top sandwich bag. You can also find sturdier options online if you need additional protection.



If you have wired earbuds, you will get better and long-lasting performance from your device if you avoid bunching or folding the cord into a ball. Often the cable will serve you longer by wrapping them properly than allowing them to become a jumbled mess. To properly tuck your cord, softly wind it around one or two of your fingers. This method will create a circle that flows with the natural curve of the wire. To keep this from unraveling, use a twist or Velcro cable tie to keep it in place.


The types of rooms or spaces you keep your earbuds also play a large part in keeping them clean. If they get exposed to hot or damp environments, they may pull moisture from the air and sustain damage to the internal pieces. This dampness also promotes mold growth and causes an unpleasant smell in your earbuds.



When you follow these guidelines, your headphones will stay cleaner and in better shape—and they will last you a lot longer. To have more time to use them, allow our cleaning professionals to help clean your home. We can tackle your household chores and leave you with fewer items on your to-do list. Book Cleanzen Houston team today for excellent service and quality cleanings of your home.


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