Cleaning Tips for Your Shower Doors

The shower doors can be a tricky part of your bathroom to clean. Some people try to clean up their shower doors as they are bathing, but then they find that the doors look streaky afterwards or didn’t get properly cleaned. You’re going to have to do a dedicated cleaning on your shower doors to make them look tidy. We’ll show you how to do that using very effective cleaning methods. Using the right methods, you can have your shower looking spotless in no time without a lot of stress and hassle.

Shower Door Cleaning Method


You will want to get a few supplies together to begin with. Here is what you should have:

  • Empty spray bottle
  • Hand towel or cloth
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Scrubbing pad or sponge
  • Glass cleaner

Cleaning Directions: 

  1. First, you want to wet down the walls of the shower with water. You’re not using the spray bottle for this, as it has another purpose. You can simply use the showerhead and spray down the walls or take a bucket of water to splash them down.
  2. Next, you want to fill the spray bottle with white vinegar and then spritz the glass thoroughly on one side. Allow that to soak in for about 10 minutes at least. It may need to soak for more than that, if it has been a while since you cleaned your shower doors.
  3. From there, you can take your scrubbing pad and dip it into baking soda. Scrub the glass doors with that to help dissolve the scum away. Baking soda can be somewhat abrasive, making it very effective at disrupting and dislodging soap scum and buildup. It works very effectively with the vinegar to clean your shower doors.
  4. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the grime buildup, you can wash down the shower doors with water once more. Take a look to make sure you got everything.

Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe down the doors and dry them. For a finishing touch that really makes your shower doors shine, you can use glass cleaner. Glass cleaner also works on towel hangers, the shower wall trim, and other parts of the walls.


Shower Cleaning Tips



We’d like to share with you some tips that can help you keep the shower doors cleaner longer and have less work to do when you do clean them.


First of all, it’s a good idea to clean your shower doors often. The more frequently you clean them, the less work you’ll have to do when it’s time to clean. So, if you clean them every other week, they can stay looking great and shouldn’t be too difficult to clean. You could also keep a squeegee in the shower to wipe down the shower doors every time you shower.


A squeegee is a good item to have if you don’t want to keep a towel or scrub pad around that’s constantly soaked with water and that could attract mold. Your squeegee may attract mold as well, but you can simply wipe that off and deal with it much more easily than you would on fabric.


It’s not a bad idea to do a weekly clean that’s not very in depth. Just wipe down the shower doors with water and a scrub pad for a simple clean that keeps things under control. It’s also wise to do a more in-depth cleaning once a month. With a deep cleaning, you may want to use a toothbrush and some baking soda to clean inside the tracks up your shower door. This helps keep the doors moving freely and gets rid of built-up mold and grime in those hard-to-reach places.



You want to be careful about the kind of cleaners you use for your shower doors. The confined space of the bathroom can take the powerful fumes of some cleaning chemicals and trap them inside. This can make for a noxious bathroom that’s unpleasant to spend much time in. It’s better to use gentle cleaners, particularly homemade cleaners, that are effective but not noxious. Use homemade cleaners made from vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice to clean your shower doors thoroughly without knocking yourself out with the smell.


After cleaning your shower doors or your entire bathroom, it’s a good idea to open up the bathroom door and window to vent the room. This allows fresh air in and helps get rid of the smell of cleaning chemicals.


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