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Dirt builds up in your home on a daily basis. Some people wait until their house is smelly and visibly filthy before tackling the mess. Others plan to do a top-to-bottom cleaning every week or two.


In both of these cases, however, you and your loved ones are living in an unhealthy, dirty environment for days or weeks on end. A better approach is to create and follow a daily cleaning schedule.

Why Is Daily Cleaning Important?


Each day, things like dust, dirt, pet hair, dander and other elements build up in your home. Bacteria and viruses as well as mold and mildew can thrive as well.


When you don’t stay on top of cleaning your home, these will build and spread. When you have a dirty home with a stack of to-do items on your chores list, it could take several hours or more to address all of those items and restore the cleanliness of your home.


Doing all of your chores at once can seem overwhelming, which can be demotivating and stressful. Having a clean home can seem out of reach when you struggle to find a chunk of time and adequate energy to do everything all at once.


Daily cleaning allows you to address your home’s needs in smaller chunks so that you aren’t faced with a seemingly insurmountable task.


Is Daily Cleaning Better Than Weekly & Monthly Cleaning?


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Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning all have the same results. In the end, your home is clean. However, when you go for seven days between cleanings, your house gets increasingly dirty as the days go on. When you go for a month between cleanings, you’re faced with a greater buildup of filth, and you live in a dirty home for several weeks.


Daily cleaning ensures that the filth never gets out of hand. It allows you to enjoy a cleaner home without the stress.


Can You Effectively Clean Your Entire Home in 20 Minutes or Less Daily?


The time it takes to complete daily cleaning tasks depends on the size of your home and the specific chores that need to be done that day.


For example, if you have a 4,000-square-foot house that mostly has hard floors, the mopping task cannot feasibly be done in 20 minutes. You’d need to allocate more time for that specific chore. However, if your home is half the size, tackling that chore in 20 minutes is more realistic.


Each day brings different cleaning chores, and some chores may require less time. With this in mind, you can typically clean your home with daily effort in 20 minutes on average or less.


Daily Cleaning Schedule


Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes (Daily Cleaning Guide) Cleanzen Image of a Woman Making the Bed in the Morning


To stay on top of your chores, you need a cleaning plan. Your schedule ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. It also helps you balance chores so that you are never spending an excessive amount of time cleaning on a daily basis.




Tackle the outside chores, such as sweeping the patio and deck, pulling any weeds that popped up since the previous week and wiping down the patio furniture. On days when the weather is bad, straighten your garage.




Dust your furniture throughout the house. Clean the glass surfaces on your furniture and cabinets, and clean the mirrors in all rooms.




Remove expired foods from the fridge and pantry. Wipe up any spills, crumbs or messes. Straighten your food so that it remains organized.




Mother with her little daughter is indoors at home together


Clean your floors. Depending on the surfaces in your home, this includes sweeping, vacuuming or mopping.




Clean your bathrooms thoroughly. This includes the sinks, toilets, tubs and showers.




Do the laundry. In addition to washing the clothes, launder the bedding.




Straighten the items in your closets. Don’t forget to straighten up the medicine cabinet and linen closets.


Tips to Make Cleaning Easier & More Manageable


Cleaning is more manageable when you don’t let things pile up. When you get in the habit of doing some chores daily, you can enjoy a cleaner home.


Woman arranging utensils in dishwasher at home


For example, make your bed when you get out of it in the morning. Do the dishes as you go, and never let them pile up overnight. Wipe down your sink and counters in the kitchen daily. Declutter and put things away as needed. Sweep the floor when your coffee brews, and straighten the pantry while your meal cooks. After getting dressed in the morning, take a minute to wipe down the sink and counter.


How Can I Stick to a Cleaning Schedule That Works?


There are two things you can do to stick to your cleaning schedule. The first thing is to make some tasks a part of your ritual our routine.


Making the bed first thing in the morning will become so routine that you feel off when you don’t do it. Sweeping while brewing coffee gives you something productive to do and helps you wake up faster. Second, allocate 20 minutes a day to tackle the specific chores on your daily schedule.


With so many areas that require cleaning around the house, you can easily fall behind on your chores if you miss a day or two. When you have a busy schedule, however, staying on top of your chores is easier said than done. What can you do to keep your house as clean as you need it to be?


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