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Keeping our desktops clean and organized is a constant battle for some and a practiced skill for others. While we won’t admit which category we fall into, we’ll just say many of us are likely on the same page. If you have no clue how to keep your workspace from overflowing by the end of every week, don’t panic. Instead, here is our little guide to help you find the right organizational tools for your desk setup.

For Large Desks


Cable Manager At Office Desk


If you have a lot of desk space to work with but always end up cluttering the whole thing with papers and supplies, we’ve got you. Here are our recommendations for keeping your large desk organized:

  • Dual monitor stand: This is an excellent solution if you are working with multiple monitors and want to keep the desk clear. Many dual monitor stands come with drawers and storage for other devices and supplies that are perfect for keeping all your papers and pens tidy while you work.
  • Set of desktop organizers: Investing in a set of organizers rather than one piece at a time is a great way to save time and money. Most sets will come with everything you’d need to keep your desk from becoming cluttered and give the space a more cohesive appearance.
  • Cable management system: Keeping your desk free from cluttered cables and wires is a must, especially if you find yourself struggling to keep multiple devices organized. Many cable management systems come as boxes or desktop cable separators and both are great solutions for keeping your wires from crowding your space.

For Small Desks


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If your desk is on the smaller side, you’ll likely desperately want to maximize the surface space you have. Here are our small desk solutions:

  • Drawer monitor stand: Keeping your monitor on a stand with a drawer is one of the best ways to create storage. When working with minimal desk space, finding storage is the key to staying tidy.
  • Stacking file tray and drawer: This is a great tool if you need to keep a lot of files tidy and organized can save you from overcrowding your space. Keeping your files and your supplies in one place is the best way to save time during your work day.
  • Organizer lamp: Lighting is important and so is storage, so it’s a good idea to combine the two to keep your space tidy. Lamps with USB outlets can keep devices charging while working, and some lamps double as pen cups to keep your supplies organized.

Make the Most of Your Drawers

Desktop Organizer Drawer Tray With Separated Areas

Drawers can easily become catch-all storage for your desk. To prevent them from filling with clutter, try some of these organizing solutions:

  • Wooden or Acrylic trays: These are a classic organizational staple because of how great they are. Consider purchasing a set of assorted trays to keep your drawers from becoming a cluttered mess.
  • Adjustable drawer dividers: If you’d prefer to customize your drawer organization, finding adjustable dividers can be your best choice. These are a great way to keep everything tidy and easily accessible to your liking.
  • Non-skid drawer liners: Lining your drawers or inserts with a gripping liner can keep all your supplies together and prevent them from noisily rolling around in the drawer. Consider buying a roll or two of a gripping liner to keep your drawers organized.

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Utilize Wall Space


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When you have minimal desk and drawer space, your next best solution can be the wall above or behind your desk. Try these solutions to make the most of your walls for organization and productivity:

  • Mounted memo board/calendar: A mounted memo board or calendar is one of the best ways to keep your work organized and stay productive. This is a great way to see your weekly schedule and keep any important reminders within your view.
  • Shelving: One of the best ways to keep your desk space clear but also keep things within reach is by adding shelves above your desk for books or supplies. Bookshelves are great for also storing important files or reference materials within binders or boxes.
  • Modular organizers: Customizable modular storage solutions are always one of the best ways to keep yourself organized. Finding a pegboard or magnetic storage system to keep above your desk is a great way to maintain the space on and above your desk.


Have you tried any of these organizational solutions? Do you have any organization tips and tricks you want to share? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you! If you find yourself struggling to keep up with organization around your workspace, don’t worry. Our Houston Cleanzen home organization services may be what you need. Contact us today to find out how we can help get your home looking and feeling its best.


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