Easiest Way To Get Rid of Cobwebs

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Cobwebs are a tell-tale sign that you are sharing your home with at least a few unwanted guests. They are commonly found in the upper corners of rooms. They may also be found behind furniture, near windows, in light fixtures, and in other areas. Your home will look visibly filthy while these webs clutter your space.


More than that, they give spiders a place to continue living in your home. Removing them as soon as they are visible is essential, but it is easier said than done. What is the easiest way to get rid of cobwebs and to keep them away?


  • Understanding How Problematic Cobwebs Are


The fine fibers of the spider web are sticky so they can trap food for the spider. Many spider webs in your home are difficult to see at first. They are small, out of the way, and relatively clear. However, the sticky fibers will collect dirt, hair, dust, and other elements. These particles give the spider webs a darker, dingy color.



Often, the webs will continue gathering dirt and will become increasingly visible as a result. Removing them as soon as possible is a top priority, but how can you effectively remove them without getting covered in sticky webs?



  • Getting Rid of Spider Webs Inside the Home


There are two primary ways to remove most spider webs in homes. The easiest and fastest way is to suction them away from the corners and crevices of your rooms using your vacuum. Because of their common placement in the upper corners of rooms, you may need to use the extension attachments for the handheld hose to reach all of the webs.


An alternative is to use a soft duster with a very long handle to wipe them down. If you do not have either of these resources available, consider putting an old sock on the top of a broom handle. Use the sock end to wipe down the webs. You may need to replace the sock periodically if you have a lot of webs throughout your home.



You may also discover spider webs in other areas, such as on top of curtains or even on lampshades, on indoor plant leaves, and more. You can easily launder curtains and other fabrics. For items that cannot be laundered, use a lint roller. You can also slide an old sock over your hand to wipe down the surfaces.



  • Tackling Webs Outside the Home


Some of the most common entry points for spiders to work their way inside the home are around doors and windows. As you walk around your home’s exterior to inspect these areas, you will likely find numerous cobwebs. Removing these may help you to keep webs from quickly returning inside the home, and it is important for curb appeal.



You can use a broom or a water hose to quickly and effectively remove webs on the exterior of your home. If the webs are in between the windows and screens, you will need to remove the screens. Then, clean the windows and the screens separately, such as with a water hose or a broom.





Removing the webs that are on the exterior of your home is an excellent way to minimize the likelihood that spiders will find their way into your home soon, but other steps are also required. For example, your doors and windows should be properly sealed. A fresh sealant may be required annually for the best results.


You also should remove vegetation located close to the house. Leave at least a foot between the vegetation and your windows or doors. Likewise, potted plants should be moved a few feet away from the home.




A final and effective step to reduce the likelihood of spider issues in the home is to use essential oils. Most species of spiders are repelled by the smell of specific essential oils. Some of the more effective types to use for this purpose are lemon oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil. Using cotton balls saturated with the oil that you prefer, dab the oil near the window and door openings. This step can be repeated frequently for the best results.





Cobwebs are an unwanted yet common accent in home decor. Removing them properly and easily is your top concern today, but keeping them from returning is equally important. If your home’s cobweb issue is significant, it may be wise to schedule a professional cleaning service to make light work of a challenging task.



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