Easy Ways to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes

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Thankfully, mishaps with your fingernail polish usually involve the occasional blot or speck on your fingers or hands. But, there are times the vibrant paint can find its way to your clothes and ruin a great outfit. You may think you must toss your garments away, yet you can take steps to save the piece. Below are ways to remove fingernail polish stains from your clothing.

  • Remain Calm



There are times you may struggle to remove polish from your fingernails and toenails. Because of this difficulty, you may panic when you see the color splashed on your apparel. This fear and worry may cause you to aggressively rub the stain to get it out. But, this motion can cause you to spread the blemish and make a bigger mess. It would be much better if you are calm. Although the stain is stressful, you can address it more effectively if you are relaxed. Instead of reacting impulsively, you can use controlled movements that will be more effective.


  • Remove Excess



If the spill is still wet, you can start with removing the excess that has not soaked into the fabric. Rather than scrubbing it, you should use something to raise the polish from your clothing. It will be much easier to remove if you use paper or cardboard to lift the polish and leave less behind to clean.


  • Dab Lightly


To handle the left over spots, use a cotton swab dipped with detergent or soap. Use a small amount, so you will not cause the blemish to spread. That will only give you more mess to clean. Begin at the outer edges of the stain and work towards the middle of it. Softly dab the discoloration and keep swapping the older swaps for newer ones. Repeat these steps until you see that the color gets removed as much as possible. To get the rest out, hold your item under a faucet and allow a small, light stream to run over the area.


  • Cautiously Use Polish Remover


If you cannot get the stain out with soap or detergent, you may need something a bit stronger. You can use nail polish remover but should test it on the fabric beforehand. Put a small drop on the bottom seam to see how the material will react. Wait a few minutes and move forward if there is no discoloration from the remover.


Once you are satisfied that the polish remover will not damage your clothing. Place a towel on the inside of your shirt, sweater, or pants to prevent the polish from bleeding to the other side. Pull out your cotton swabs again and dip one into the nail polish remover. Get it slightly wet but not oversaturated. Pat at the blemish with the solvent and keep trading your swaps until it is completely gone. From there, use a slightly soapy cloth to clean away the remaining polish remover.


Instead of leaving your clothing in your laundry basket, toss it into the washing machine right away. Once the spin cycle completes, check over your item to ensure it is back in its original condition. If you need to wash again, go ahead. Any leftover color will get set in after passing it through the dryer.


To keep this from happening in the future, you can spread out an older towel over your clothes while you paint your fingernails and toenails. You can find also find products online that will hold the bottle as you use it.


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