Effective Ways To Remove Stickers

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When you purchase that beautiful new decoration, furniture or gadget at the store and get home only to realize the annoying stickers on your beautiful item, removing them can be a frustrating experience. Removing these stickers is sometimes easier said than done. You may find yourself scrubbing and scraping at an adhesive that just doesn’t want to come off, making another mess in the process. So how do you get them off?


Steps Of Removing Stickers



Step 1: Examine your sticker

Before removing the sticker, examine it. If your sticker is wrinkled, chances are the adhesive is dried out. If there are small pieces of lint or dust on them, you may want to remove them first. While examining it, look at the edges to see if they have curled up. If they have curled up, the chances are that the sticker is not stuck well and will come right off without much effort at all.



Step 2: Take out the sticker


Depending on the type of sticker, you will be able to peel back and remove it if it is wrinkled or has curled edges. If you have a sticker that has been on for a long time, you need to be careful when removing it. Do not use your fingernails or sharp objects to get the sticker off, damaging the surface. You can use warm water or a damp cloth in order to peel the sticker off its surface gently. It will allow you to save the item and not ruin it in the process.



Step 3: Scrape off the remaining adhesive



After removing all of the stickers, use a knife or a blade to scrape the remaining adhesive off of your surface. Scraping the residue will ensure the surface is left in its original state. If there is too much adhesive, choose an alcohol-based adhesive remover. Be careful when using it because it will damage the surface if not used properly.



Step 4: Clean the surface


After you remove your sticker, clean the surface with a soft cloth or a moist paper towel. Dry the surface with a soft cloth, so it is not damp. You do not want the surface to get any more residue on it or to make a mess.




Effective Ways To Remove Stickers



Hair Dryer

You can use a normal hair dryer to heat the sticker and then pick at it with a plastic utensil or your fingernails. The hairdryer will loosen up the glue and make it easier to get off.



Scrape it off with a Knife


You may be able to remove a sticker by using a knife to scrape it off. However, make sure that you do not scrape off the adhesive on the back of your sticker, as that can leave a nasty glue residue.



Rubbing Alcohol


Rubbing alcohol is a great way to dissolve the adhesive on stickers quickly. It can also help remove the sticker’s residue when you peel off the backing. Just apply some rubbing alcohol to a rag and then rub it around on your sticker for about 10 minutes.



Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is one of the best ways to remove stickers. It contains oils that are very effective at dissolving sticky substances. Just spread some on the sticker and let it sit for a minute. Then you can scrape or pick at the sticker to remove it.




If you need to get a sticker off a surface quickly, you can use WD-40 to dissolve the glue on it. Spray a bit on the area where your sticker is, and then rub it in with your fingers or a towel. After a few minutes, the sticker should come off without much effort.



Distilled White Vinegar


Put some distilled white vinegar onto the sticker and then rub it around with a cloth. The vinegar will easily dissolve the glue. It will leave your surface a bit shiny, so you will have to rub off the shine.



Baking Soda and Coconut Oil


You can combine both baking soda and coconut oil to remove a sticker. Mix the two together into a paste and then apply it to the sticker. Let it sit on the sticker for 15 minutes, and then try scraping or peeling it off.





Oils in mayonnaise can dissolve the glue on a sticker. Just use a rag to apply it to the sticker, and then rub it around with your fingers. Leave it for 10 minutes, and then try to remove it.



A Sharpie Pen

If you want a quick way to remove a sticker, you can use a sharpie pen on it. Use the sharp end of a pen and trace around the sticker’s edges. Then pull up the corners to remove it.



Razor Blade


When you need to remove a sticker from delicate surfaces, you can use a razor blade to cut it off easily. The key is to slide the blade up between the vinyl and the surface.



Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon essential oil is a very effective way to remove stickers. The acidity will make the adhesive on your sticker come off effortlessly. Just rub around it with the oil for about ten minutes and then peel off the sticker.



Dishwashing Liquid


Put some dish soap in water and soak the sticker in it. Let it sit for five to ten minutes. Then try grabbing the sticker and pulling it off. Dish soap has a chemical in it that will begin to dissolve the glue on your sticker.



Hair spray

Hair spray contains chemicals that can dissolve the adhesive on stickers very quickly. You can use them to dissolve the glue and make removing your sticker easier. Spray some onto the sticker, and then rub it in with your fingers. You will have to let it sit on there for a few minutes, but it should come off easily after that.


In conclusion, you can use several different ways to remove stickers. They all have their own pros and cons, but most of them are pretty effective. Feel free to choose which method will work best for your situation. Now that the sticker residues has been removed and its time to make the entire home spotless too. Cleanzen is here to help! Our professional Denver house cleaners can help you with all your cleaning needs. Contact us today to get your appointment booked!


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