How much will it cost you to get your house cleaned? We’ve created a calculator to help you determine the cost, with figures based on national estimates so you get a good idea of how expensive it will be before you start making calls to any house cleaning company. Check out the calculator below and input your specific details to get an initial estimate.



Estimated total cost


Add-on Average cost
Cleaning bedrooms $75-$130 per bedroom
Cleaning bathrooms $55-$75 per bathroom
Changing bedsheets $10
Dusting blinds $20
Fridge cleaning $12 to $50
Oven cleaning $15 to $35
Window cleaning $149 - $295
Wash & dry laundry $10 - $20
Cabinet cleaning $7 - $18
Baseboard cleaning $10 - $20



How Much Will I Pay for a Maid?


There are a lot of maid services out there, and many times you can choose between having one or several maids come to your home and clean at the same time. Of course, the costs increase as there are more people involved, but many hands will make light work and get your home looking tidy faster.

Here is a look at Merry Maids’ price breakdown to give you an idea:


Cleaning Package Cost Services Provided
Budget Minded Cleaning $110 Cleans family room, master bathroom, kitchen, and one other room
Entertainers Dream Cleaning $140 Cleans living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dining area
Flex Cleaning $140 Cleans in different areas on an alternating schedule
Clean for Show $175 Cleans the entire house so that everything is bright and clean
Sparkle and Shine $345 A deep cleaning for your entire home


The costs listed here are subject to change, so you may want to check the company’s site directly. Keep in mind that these are starting costs, and the price can increase based on the size of your home.


Here’s another maid cleaning service- Molly Maids- to give you an idea of what the competition is like:


Cleaning Package Cost
1-apartment bedroom $150
2 cleaners for 1 hour $75+
2 cleaners for 2 ½ hours $150+
2 cleaners for 3 ½ hours $240
3-bedroom house $220+


Once again, the prices are variable, and the rates will increase based on the size of the house, but this gives you an idea of the starting rate you’ll be looking at.


What Do Professional Cleaning Services Cost?


To have your home professional cleaned doesn’t have to be costly. How much you pay will depend on several different factors. Let’s break them down for you:

  • The Size of Your Home. A lot of home cleaning services will tell you they charge a specific amount for a single room, but the size of those rooms will determine how long it takes them to clean and therefore how much it costs per room. A large living room may cost twice what a small living room would. You should have a pretty good idea of whether the rooms in your house are average size or whether they are larger or smaller than the average.


  • The Rooms You Want Cleaned.  Each room in your house is probably a different size. It will cost less to have your bathroom cleaned than it would your living room, for example. That comes down to the size of the room, usually. However, some rooms require more in-depth cleaning. How dirty the room is, what kind of fixtures or features it has, and other factors can determine how much each room costs to clean. If you ask a cleaning service for an estimate, keep in mind that the exact amount of the cleaning may change once they come to look at your place. You may want to ask them to come out and give your house a look over for a more exact estimate. Many cleaning services will be happy to provide an estimate before they start cleaning.


  • The Kind of Cleaning You Want Done.  Do you want to basic cleaning or a deep cleaning? A deep cleaning will cost you more, but it gives you better results. If you’re not sure which kind of cleaning to get, consider how your home looks and how long it’s been since it’s had a cleaning done. We suggest having a deep cleaning done every six months for most homes, but households with more than three people in them or with heavy traffic throughout the year should have a deep cleaning done about every three months.


What Is the Average Cost for Cleaning Services in 2022?


How much will you pay to have a professional home cleaning done at your house? Let’s look at some of the average prices so you have an idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change without notice.


The average cost for housecleaners range between $40 to $65 per hour. You may be charged based on how many cleaners are present as well. Here’s a chart detailing average prices for 2022 for house cleaners based on the number of cleaners in your home at once:


Cost # of Cleaners
$20 to $30 per hour 1 cleaner
$20 to $50 per hour 2 cleaners
$40+ per hour 3 cleaners or more


Some cleaning companies will charge per hour and others charge per room. You can often request to have more cleaners working at once to speed things up.


How can you determine how long it might take a cleaning crew or a single cleaner to tidy up your home? Before they come over, take a look at how dirty your home is. Estimate how long it might take them to clean. Maybe you have no idea how long they will spend cleaning in your home, but after they’ve and cleaned once, you may have a better idea of how long they will need to spend to make your home look neat.


Keep in mind that there is a difference between basic cleaning and deep cleaning services. Just because your house is really dirty doesn’t mean that it will take a long time for the cleaners to work their way through the entire home. For instance, if your oven hasn’t been cleaned in a long time but you didn’t request a deep cleaning, the cleaners aren’t likely to look on the inside of your oven.


Deep cleaning means different things to different companies, so make sure you understand exactly what cleaning services you’re getting for the price you’re paying.


If you want a fairly precise estimate of how much the cleaning will cost before the cleaners start, you can ask them to do a walkthrough of your home. They can look at the size of your home, how dirty it is, and what would be involved in them cleaning it up for you. This should only take a few minutes, and it will allow them to give you a detailed estimate of what you can expect for cost and cleaning time.


One thing to bear in mind about home cleanings is that the first visit may cost more. That’s because a professional cleaning probably hasn’t been done on your home in a while, so there’s extra work for the cleaners to do. If you have them come regularly, like twice a month, you can keep your cleaning costs down. Your home will be kept fairly clean, and it won’t take them as long to tidy everything up.



What Kind of House Cleaning Services Are Available?


Not every cleaning company offers the same cleaning services, but I want to give you an idea of what they might offer.


  • Basic Cleaning
     This would usually entail typical housecleaning services, like sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, organizing, and sanitizing.


  • Deep Cleaning
    A deep cleaning may be for a single room or for the entire house. It would normally include all of the basic house cleaning services as well as additional ones, like cleaning the oven and other appliances, cleaning walls, cleaning fans and light fixtures, and more. Ask the cleaning company for a detailed list of deep cleaning services so you know what you would be getting. Deep cleaning services will cost more than a basic cleaning.


  • Event Cleaning
    You could hire the professional house cleaning service to tidy up your home in preparation for an event, doing a one-off cleaning for you. Or, you could have them clean after the event is over, taking out trash, cleaning up spills, vacuuming carpets, getting rid of stains, and putting your home back in order as they organize.


  • Move In /Out Cleaning
    When you are ready to move into a home or move out, you may need some help with the cleaning. Professional home cleaners can assist with these kinds of tasks, making your house or apartment look great for moving day. You may want their services in order to get back a security deposit on an apartment you have been renting, or you may need some help tidying up a home you are preparing to move into.


Make sure you know what each service entails and ask the cleaner for a list of all the tasks included in the service you are paying for. The specifics of each kind of cleaning will differ from one cleaning company to another.


How Do I Keep My House Cleaning Costs Low?

You can do a lot to ensure that you don’t pay too much for home cleaning. Let’s go over a few tips that will help you cut costs and keep your home looking great.


  • Do some cleaning yourself
    If you keep a relatively tidy home, the cleaners won’t need to spend as much time working on your home. You maybe able to cut down on how long it takes them to clean by doing a few tidying up tasks on your own.


  • Take advantage of discounts
    You can often save money by requesting multiple services at once from cleaning companies. You may also pay less with subsequent visits, enjoying a returning customer discount. It can be worth it to stick to the same cleaning company for all of your house cleaning needs.


  • Not every room needs to be cleaned
    You may be able to manage the mess in some rooms but not in others. Save yourself some money by only hiring the cleaners to tidy up the specific rooms that really need it, and then take care of the rest yourself.


  • Choose appropriate cleaning services
    You can ask that some cleaning tasks not be done sometimes, and you want to ensure that you choose the right cleaning package. Look carefully at all the options to ensure you are choosing suitable, necessary cleaning services only.



What Are the Advantages of Regular House Cleaning?


Having your home cleaned professionally has its benefits. Let’s look at some of those, and you may be convinced to have cleaners come more often to tidy up your home.


  • Improves Air Quality
    A clean home is one where the air is more breathable, and regular cleaning cuts down on pollen, dust, dirt, mold, and other irritants in the air. You will be able to sleep more soundly and you’ll suffer fewer allergy symptoms with a clean home and cleaner air.


  • Reduces Risk of Illness
    If the professional cleaning team is doing their job well, they will sanitize your home thoroughly. This kills so much bacteria and so many germs that it actually makes your home healthier and safer. Your risk of catching illnesses decreases, so that’s a definite benefit worth considering if you are on the fence about having your home cleaned regularly.


  • Easier to Keep Clean
    When your home is cleaned every so often, there isn’t as much work to do to keep it looking tidy. You may be able to do a little cleaning here and there and leave the big stuff for the cleaning company.


  • Saves Time
    Do you have a busy schedule and not much time to clean in your home? Maybe you feel like you are spending too much time cleaning. One of the best reasons to hire a cleaning company for your home is because it gives you more time in your week.


  • Could Save You Money
    Consider how much of your time you spend cleaning your home and what you could do with that time if you didn’t have to spend it cleaning. You may be able to make more money, and the time saved could mean that the cleaning service is paying for itself.


Should You Tip Your Housecleaner?


It’s not always necessary to tip a housecleaner. Usually, tipping is reserved for service industries where the employees don’t make much money and they rely on tips for a decent living. If you know that your house cleaners are well paid, then you may not feel compelled to tip them.


On the other hand, it is customary to pay workers in any service industry, and house cleaning falls into that category. The best reason to pay house cleaners is because they did a great job cleaning your home. If the service is poor, you may not feel like you need to tip or at least not tip as much.


How much should you tip if you do? You can use the same tipping percentages used for the restaurant industry and most other service industries, which is 10-15%. Consider giving a bigger tip to cleaners who do an exceptional job, as a way to show your appreciation and increase the likelihood that they will continue to do great work for you.


How to Choose a Good Housecleaner


If you live in a large city, then you probably have lots of options for housecleaning services. How do you sort through all of the choices to find a good cleaning company? You can look at a few different factors to help you make your choice.


First of all, consider their reputation. Read customer reviews and find out what you can about the company online before you call them up and ask for an estimate. You can find out a lot about a company’s reputation these days just by searching for their company name online.


Secondly, you should compare the rates. Some cleaning companies may charge more than you are willing to pay, and you will want to know that up front so you don’t waste your time with them. Watch out for the companies with extremely low prices, though, as there may be a reason they are cheaper than everyone else. A lot of times, you really do get what you pay for. Also look at discounts and deals they offer when comparing prices.


Another thing to watch for when choosing a cleaning company is the kinds of services they offer. Will they be able to provide the cleaning services you need or will they leave you to do a lot of the cleaning on your own?


Home Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive


Some people pay too much for housecleaning services because they don’t bother to compare rates and because they don’t know what they should be paying based on the national average is. You don’t have to be taken advantage of, and you can get a good deal on home cleaning services. Use our calculator to figure out what you might pay and then search in your local area for the best home cleaning companies.


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