How Much are Maids in Houston

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Cleaning is a household chore that many people don’t enjoy, but nobody wants to come home to a mess. But with many opportunities in this city, it’s hard to say how much to pay when hiring somebody.  The cost of a maid will vary depending on the size and type of house you live in, how many people there are living there (if it’s just you or if it’s 2-3), what kind of cleaning services you need, etc. The average cost for a maid service in Houston is $50-$100 per hour.  Maids in Houston are an essential part of our life. If you want to hire a maid in Houston, you should consider some things before hiring them.


How many days per week do you work?



You can ask your maid if she works every day or just on weekends. It depends on her availability and what kind of cleaning service you need. Most of the time, maids will charge weekly or biweekly, depending on the number of days they work.



Do you provide references?


It’s always good to check out a potential employee’s background. Ask them about previous employers and see if they can give you any recommendations. You can consider hiring a cleaning service from companies that conduct background checks. This way, you will save time and, with the help of a professional organization, take the risk out of hiring your maid.



The Size of Your House



If you live in an apartment, you might not need a house cleaner. However, you’ll probably need one if you own a single-family home. If you rent a house, you could also use a cleaning service.
If you have a bigger house, it’s not uncommon to see prices go up. It is, in this case, essential to know how much you can afford to pay each hour. It takes less than two hours to dry a load of laundry; this leaves you plenty of time to take care of other chores. There’s no getting around that some cleaning and other tasks require time.


On average, a standard maid service company in Houston will have one or two cleaners, so you’ll probably find yourself sharing work with them at various times during the week. You’ll have more time to clean yourself on weekends, so it might be beneficial to double up on your cleaning responsibilities.



Price Charged Per Hour


Most maid services offer hourly pricing. The price charged by these businesses varies based on the size of the house. A typical hourly rate for maid services in Houston starts at $60.00. This amount includes the cost of labor and supplies. A typical Houston household needs around five hours of cleaning per week.  For a reliable cleaning service to give your home exactly what it needs while leaving behind no traces of their visit, cleaners at a maid service company are what you’ll want.


Maid services in Houston are a great alternative to hiring individual cleaners. Many Houstonian families use this service occasionally, especially those with young children who have messy play areas. Children are a lot more challenging to manage, and it’s only fair that you can have a little peace of mind when hiring them.



What is your experience level?



If you’re looking for an experienced cleaner, you might want to look for someone who has at least two years of experience. You’ll also want to ensure that they’ve worked in a professional environment.


If you already have an established cleaning routine, consider hiring a maid service for additional cleaning every weeknight. Anything is possible here. At Cleanzen, all our professional house cleaners are trained, and passed background checks to ensure they are trustworthy. With our long list of satisfied customers and specialized experience in making homes look their best, you are rest assured that your home will be taken care of.


On average, our client ratings are high, with 100% of our customers recommending us to others. We have highly qualified professionals and are flexible. They can make appointments without any notice and will keep you up to date with the exact schedule of their arrival. We also make last-minute bookings, even on weekends.


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