How Much Does House Cleaning Cost in Chicago?

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There’s no one answer to this question because figuring out the cost of cleaning a house isn’t so simple. The truth is that it’s quite complex. For one, every company doesn’t offer the same prices, and it goes beyond the pricing offered to you. For example, the size of the house has to be taken into account, and that’s just one thing. Keep in mind that, generally speaking, you can pay between $90 to $150 for this service. This is the national average, and it’s a good starting point. It allows you to see what deals are too good to be true and what company is trying to take advantage of your needs.


In addition to this, you should also know how much an independent cleaner normally gets per hour. This helps you see which company is offering a good deal. A cleaner gets $25 to $90 every hour. That’s pretty steep compared to the service. You can see why many people choose a service and why many folks don’t hire a cleaner unless they can afford one. You’re going to learn all the factors that could play into the overall cost of this service in Chicago.

Size and Location


The first thing that has to be addressed is the size of the house and the location. Both of these influence how much you’re going to pay to clean your house. For example, the company must know the square footage of your home. The number of rooms will also play a part in calculating the price. Measuring the size of your home, including all those spaces, must be done precisely.



Concerning your location, keep in mind that an entire crew, along with tools, has to be transported to your home. If your home is far from the company’s headquarters, you’ll pay a bit more to cover costs. The location also incorporates things like access issues. For example, those living in an area where it’s challenging for a vehicle to get to may have to pay a bit more.



Cost of Labor


The next thing to discuss is labor costs. You want these hard workers to get paid decently for a job well done. A lot is taken into account to figure out how much you’ll pay for labor. For one, the number of laborers is going to play a factor. The cleaning company uses the square footage of a house to try to determine how many hours it’s going to take to clean. The company multiplies the number of hours it has estimated by the hourly rate each cleaner deserves.



For example, a 2000 square foot home usually takes about three hours to clean. The average worker might get about $15 an hour, so each cleaner is going to cost you $45. It doesn’t end there. The type of labor needed is also going to influence the cost. For example, those who need their oven or fridge cleaned may pay more. Those who need ceiling or high-shelf cleaning will also pay more. These are considered special cleaning services. You need to find out what these will cost if you need them. The overall condition of the property is also taken into account. Abandoned homes usually accumulate more dirt and grime, so these types of jobs require more work.



Supplies and the Kind of Cleaning


The next thing that plays a factor in how much you’ll be quoted has to do with the supplies used along with the type of cleaning you want. If you want basic cleaning, like maybe some dusting or a little vacuuming, then the cost won’t be too high because these are relatively simple and don’t require a lot. Those who need something more involved should understand that they’ll be charged a bit more, like if you need a deep cleaning or something similar. Deep cleaning takes a lot longer, and the attention to detail given is remarkable. You’ll see why it’s considered deep cleaning, and you’ll be happy you chose it.



You should also know that if your home is an apartment you might pay more. Apartments are inconvenient for various reasons, from parking to going up and down stairs or elevators. The supplies that the cleaning service uses could influence what you pay. If you have supplies that you want the crew to use, then you won’t pay as much. This could include vacuum cleaners and cleaning products. If the cleaning company has to provide everything, then you’ll pay more.



Additional Considerations


For one, if you decide to hire the cleaning service more than once, like if you hire them weekly, then you’ll pay less. If you only want exterior areas cleaned, then you’ll pay less since interior work is usually more involved. If you live in a community that’s considered relatively low end, then you may pay less. Folks in these communities deserve clean houses just the same, and they shouldn’t have to pay as much as folks in high-end communities.



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