How Often Should You Clean Your Baseboards?

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You often hear that using a consistent routine is the best way to keep your home clean. Yet, even after handling all of your chores, you may notice some areas that need further attention. One space that often gets overlooked is the baseboards at the bottom of your home. Because you are accustomed to these frames around your rooms, you may not think about cleaning them. However, a closer inspection can reveal that a considerable amount of dirt and grime can gather there.


Although this buildup can be tough to view, it can get addressed right away. With a few materials from around your home, your baseboards can get restored to a healthier, neater appearance. With the steps outlined below, you can quickly clean your baseboards and move on to enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Keeping Your Baseboards Clean


If your baseboards have a small amount of dirt on them, you may not have any problem getting them clean. But, if they get loaded with hair, dust, and lint, it will take more elbow grease to get them restored. To prevent them from getting loaded down with debris, you may need to tackle them much sooner. Based on the activity in your household, you should increase or decrease the frequency in which you address your baseboards.


Generally, once a month should suffice unless you still see a considerable accumulation. In that case, you can switch to every two weeks. Also, you can do this process to shift in the other direction. If your baseboards remain clean after a month has passed, you can change your routine to occur every other month.



  • Walls and Baseboards Cleaning


Even though the purpose of this review is to clean your baseboards, you should start with your walls since that is where most dust will land before sliding down to the floors. The walls collect particles tossed into the air by shoes, kids, and pets. In your high traffic areas, you will see evidence of fingerprints and small fragmented pieces.


To get your baseboards remarkably clean, you can start by dusting them with a clean cloth or the brush attachment that comes with your vacuum. After you have eliminated as many particles as possible, you can wash the walls with a homemade soap and water mixture.



Begin your project by pouring a few drops of dish soap into a bowl or small bucket and adding warm water to create a cleaning solution. Grab a sponge or clean cloth and lightly dampen it with the water. You do not want to absorb a lot of the liquid at one time because excess may damage your drywall, wallpaper, or paint. Also, you can put towels or napkins on the floor to catch any drips. But, there should not be much to intercept because you are using a small amount of solution as you wipe.


Test a tiny, unnoticeable area first to ensure the soap will not react with your paint or any wall covering. After that, start at the uppermost corner of the wall and move downward using short circular motions. Use a light handed approach, so you will not leave marks behind. Stay as gentle as possible, even in areas that need additional effort. If you see trickles moving down the walls, wipe them away and wring out the sponge or cloth you are using. Finally, use a fresh material with fresh water to clear away any soap residue.



Now that your walls have gotten cleaned, you can move on to your baseboards. You can address these with the same steps as above. Start by clearing away the dust and then use your cleaning solution to remove dirt and grime. Instead of working from top to bottom, begin on one side and move towards the next. If you encounter a stain that is hard to remove, add vinegar to your mixture to erase the blemish.


  • Quick Baseboard Cleaning Hacks


Because of a busy schedule, you may need a quicker way to get your baseboards clean. It is not best to rush when you have a significant accumulation. But, once your baseboards are thoroughly cleaned, you can keep the buildup at bay for quicker cleanings in the future. Review these tips and add them to your cleaning routine.


  • Vacuuming

As you clean your home, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to give your baseboards a quick rubdown.


  • Dryer Sheets

Rather than using a cloth or sponge, use a dryer sheet that repels dust and will leave a residual on your baseboards that will push away any particles that come near.



  • Hire Cleanzen Cleaning Services


Often, the most trivial details are the ones that distinguish a clean home from others. You may not notice your baseboard or any other inconspicuous parts of your home until you have friends and family over. Then, these flaws may stand out like a sore thumb. Not only is this embarrassing, but it is also unnecessary.


To ensure that your residence is spotless, hire a professional cleaning service like Cleanzen. You do not have to run yourself ragged to get the perfect clean. Our amazing crew has been thoroughly vetted and trained to ensure that your home is pleasantly transformed with every visit. Every time we come to your home, we go beyond your expectations to ensure you are amazed by our assistance.




Many activities would be more satisfying and profitable than spending hours cleaning your home. Allow us to take over your housework while you bond with family, laugh with friends, or rekindle your romantic life. Whatever you wish you could accomplish, you can get done by partnering with our cleaning service. We will free up your time so you can chase your dreams. Book an appointment with us today; we look forward to working in your home.


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