Simple Ways to Clean A French Press Coffee Maker

pouring coffee from French press coffee maker

While some people are happy drinking an average cup of coffee from a typical drip-style coffee maker, you have a sophisticated palate and crave a quality cup of coffee every morning. A French press coffee maker enables you to enjoy barista-style coffee at home, so it is preferred by many coffee connoisseurs. You have understandably done your research to find the right French press coffee maker for your preferences and budget. Now that you have a high-grade coffee maker that produces the perfect cup of java, you want to do your part to keep the coffee maker properly maintained.



  • Daily Steps to Care for Your French Press Coffee Maker





Each time you use your French press coffee maker, you will need to thoroughly clean it. This will ensure that your coffee continues to taste great, and it will prevent bacteria and other illness-causing pathogens from growing on the equipment. After your French press coffee maker has cooled each day, follow these important cleaning steps:


1. Toss the coffee grounds into the trash rather than down the sink. Use a relatively soft utensil, such as a spatula, to scrape the rest of the grounds out. A hard utensil could cause unintentional damage to the coffee maker. Do not worry if a few grounds remain in the canister at this stage in the cleaning process. However, most of the grounds should be removed to avoid clogging your sink.


2. Squeeze a few drops of liquid dish soap into the coffee maker along with warm water. To clean the inside of the canister, use the pump to move the coffee maker’s plunger up and down rather rapidly to create friction. The soapy water should get bubbly, and this indicates that the oils from the coffee grounds and other unwanted elements are being removed.


3. After you have thoroughly cleaned the coffee maker, pour the soapy water into the sink. Rinse the coffee maker with clean water, and move the plunger up and down again to rinse the soap out of the interior of the canister. You will need to repeat this rinsing process several times until the water is clear and free of all soap.


4. To complete the daily cleaning process, use a clean cloth to dry the components of the French press coffee maker.



  • Deep Cleaning Steps to Take Weekly



Even when you clean your French press coffee maker routinely after each use, it still requires deep cleaning on a weekly basis. This will prevent scaling from hard water, and it will sanitize the equipment more thoroughly. These are the deep cleaning steps to use for most French press coffee makers:


1. Disassemble the entire coffee maker by removing the plunger and all other components. You may need to read the instructions to disassemble the unit without causing unintentional damage.


2. When all of the parts are separated, prepare a thick paste in a bowl using baking soda and water.


3. Using your hand or a small brush, apply the paste on all components. When the components are coated, scrub the surfaces thoroughly. Keep in mind that a bottle brush or an old toothbrush could be used effectively as well.


4. Rinse the paste off of all of the parts by running them under the faucet.


5. Dip all of the components in a large bowl that is filled with equal parts of cool water and white vinegar. Use a clean cloth to dry all of the pieces before reassembling the French press coffee maker. This step will ensure that all of the hard water and other minerals have been removed from the French press coffee maker’s components.




Your French press coffee maker is only one of several features in your home that require your regular attention. If you fail to keep up with their cleaning and maintenance needs, these features can easily be ruined and will require replacement. Unfortunately, caring for all of the special features and equipment in your home that you love is often easier said than done.


At Cleanzen, we know how challenging it can be to find time to give all areas of your home as well as all of its features and equipment the full attention that they need. Our detail-oriented Chicago cleaning team is eager to help you keep your space clean. We can adjust our efforts to meet the unique needs in your home from week to week. To inquire about pricing and our services, contact our office today.


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