7 Tips To Cleaning Your Living Room

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Your living room is among the most well-used rooms in the home. In this space, you relax on your own, spend quality time with loved ones, and entertain guests. With such heavy use, a living room can become filthy rather quickly. When you know how to clean a living room properly, you can give this space the full attention that it needs and work efficiently for fast results.


  • Gather Your Cleaning Supplies



Your cleaning project can be completed much faster when you start by gathering all of the supplies and equipment that you will need to get the job done right. These items include furniture polish, glass cleaner, a vacuum with multiple attachments, at least two microfiber cloths, and a small bag to use for trash. If you need help with your cleaning project, you can reach out to Cleanzen Cleaning Services for help.


  • Put Things Back in Their Place

Toss away any miscellaneous waste that may be sitting on the coffee table and in other areas. Simply place the trash in your small bag. Keep the bag nearby for additional waste that you may discover while cleaning.


  • Pull Together Items for Laundering



You will not need to launder the items in your living room every week, but you should plan to clean items like afghans and throw pillows every few weeks. If you have pets who like to spend time on the furniture, it may be necessary to clean these items more frequently.


  • Clean the Hard Surfaces


The next step is to dust the hard surfaces, such as the coffee table, entertainment center, and end tables. Remove all of the items from these surfaces, and spray the furniture polish lightly on them. Wipe away the spray with a microfiber cloth. This microfiber cloth can also be used to dust off knickknacks, picture frames, plant pots, and other hard surfaces.



Using the other microfiber cloth and the glass cleaner, clean glass table tops, the glass frames on pictures, interior windows, and their trim pieces and other related surfaces. While you have the microfiber cloth in your hand, wipe down the base of lamp fixtures and the faces of the light switches.


  • Sweep and Mop


If your living room has hard flooring, such as tile or wood planks, the next task is to sweep the entire floor. Ensure that you get underneath the tables, sofa, and chairs for the most thorough results. Generally, wood planks should only be cleaned with a slightly damp mop. Excessive moisture will damage the planks. An alternative is to wipe down the floor with a dry microfiber mop.


  • Pull Out the Vacuum

Your vacuum will be used to clean the sofa, chairs, ceiling fan blades, carpeting, and area rugs. As a rule of thumb, start cleaning above your head. This begins by using an attachment on the vacuum to suction away dust on the ceiling fan blades. A thick layer of dust can gather on top of the blades where you cannot see it. Remember to vacuum all surfaces. Use the attachment tool to clean the outside of the air vent. If you notice that the air filter is dirty, now is the time to replace it. Then, vacuum the corners where the walls meet the ceiling to remove dust bunnies and cobwebs.



With the attachment still on the vacuum cleaner, clean the surfaces of your upholstered furnishings. Remember to suction crumbs and other debris from the sides of the cushions. You can also use your vacuum to clean the lampshades. Run the attachment tool around the baseboards and the perimeter of the carpeting.


After you are finished using the attachment tool, remove it. Vacuum the entire carpeted area as well as the area rugs. If possible, move lighter furniture out of the way so that you can clean underneath. This includes the coffee table and end tables.


  • Prepare for Next Week

This process will need to be repeated next week. The last thing that you want is to start your cleaning project by having to clean all of your supplies and materials. Now is the time to empty the dust bin in the vacuum cleaner and to launder your microfiber cloths. Return the furniture polish and glass cleaner to their regular home.



While there are several essential steps for cleaning your living room, you can generally walk through each step within a few minutes or less. Remember to complete all of the steps for thorough results in your living room.


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