Easiest Ways to Clean An Iron

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Although ironing may not be your favorite chore, it can be the most beneficial household task to complete. You may typically wear your clothes regardless of how they look coming out of the dryer or the closet. But, you can be missing out on profitable ways to enhance your lifestyle. In this article, we are going to address how to properly clean your iron. But first, look at these reasons to use the iron as often as necessary.

  • Undue Shrinkage



Before tossing an item in the washing machine or place a hot iron on it, you should read the label. If you accidentally launder your clothing the wrong way, the fit could be much tighter and annoying. Even though there is a limit on what gets accomplished, ironing can loosen the fibers a bit. Always set your appliance at the recommended temperature prescribed in the care instructions. After that, slowly moving it over the garment, and you should have more space added.


  • Improved Appearance


People are often warned not to judge a book by the cover. Despite this advice, people do form opinions based on outer appearances. If your clothes are wrinkled and frayed, people will assume that you have a more carefree, relaxed approach to handling your responsibilities. However, a fresh, neat appearance will demonstrate your commitment to hard work and follow-through. Using the iron confirms your high standards and ability to thoroughly complete your tasks.


  • Cleaning Your Iron


Now you know the advantages of using an iron, you may be wondering how to deal with the occasional dark or dirty spots that appear on your clothing. As you attempt to improve your look, your iron can ruin your clean outfits. To prevent this from occurring, you will need to keep your iron free from grime. Clearing away dirt, dust, or rust will allow it and your clothes to last much longer.



If residue is allowed to accumulate on the bottom of the iron, the device will operate less efficiently than you expect. The result shows up burns, snags, and unsightly marks on your clothing. Here are ways you can clean your iron and prevent these problems in the future.


  • Baking Soda


You may commonly think of baking soda to deodorize fridges and clean ovens. Yet, baking soda has a proven track record as a natural cleaner and a safer way to sanitize your home. The rough, scratchy nature is slightly abrasive, which will allow it to tackle any buildup without damaging the surface of your iron. By adding a few tablespoons to water, you can create a scouring paste to work against any dirt. After using the scrub, wipe away any leftover residue with a damp cloth.


  • Dish Detergent



Dish detergent can be a convenient solution because you probably have some available in your kitchen. Since it is safe to use on your dishes, you can rely on it to be gentle with your iron. By putting a few drops in water, you have a soapy cleanser to apply to the machine. Ensure that the iron is unplugged and use paper towels or a soft cloth to massage the mixture. Keep going back and forth until you get your desired results.


  • Vinegar


Often, vinegar gets praised as an excellent way to lower blood pressure and advance your health when added to your food. But, it can have tremendous benefits for eliminating odors and dissolving grime. Instead of using it at its full strength, add it to a cup or bowl with water. A paper towel or clean cloth is ideal for soaking up the vinegar mixture and wipe away any problem areas on your iron. Although the smell can be unpleasant, it will dissipate after an hour or so.


  • Dryer Sheets

Outside of eliminating static and refreshing your clothes, your dryer sheets may not seem to have any other purpose. But, they can also loosen up any corrosion that accumulates on your iron. These sheets are the only recommended technique that requires you to turn your appliance to a low setting. Use a towel between your hand and the sheet to protect your skin and fingers. After that, rub back and forth until you get the expected outcome. It is alright if you need to use multiple sheets to get the job done.


  • Nail Polish Remover


After weeks of wearing the same color on your nails, you are often amazed at how quickly it can get wiped away. With an effective nail polish remover, you can easily clear away stubborn spots and stains. Thankfully, you can perform the same magic on your iron as well. Use a cotton ball or napkin to apply the fluid to your device. There can be a strong smell, so you should use a small amount to work around the iron. To protect your household and family, use this type of cleaner outdoors on a porch or driveway to evade harmful fumes.


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