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The baseboards in your home create small ledges along the perimeter of your rooms, and dirt, pet dander and dust can accumulate on these ledges. When this happens, your home can easily take on a dirty look even after you have recently cleaned it.


There are several different techniques and supplies that are effective at cleaning the baseboards. However, a closer look at these cleaning methods reveals that some of them are better suited for specific cleaning projects and for your physical capabilities.

How to Clean Baseboards


By learning the proper techniques to clean baseboards, you can quickly eliminate the unsightliness of buildup on the lower trim pieces throughout your home. Here’s a simple guide on how to clean baseboards:





Start by vacuuming the bulk of the dust with your vacuum cleaner’s handheld attachment. Then, get a microfiber cloth damp with soapy water. Liquid dishwashing soap works great for this purpose. Then, wipe the baseboards down. When the cloth is dirty, rinse it in the soapy water before continuing.


It can be difficult to clean corners with a microfiber cloth. When you get to the corners, use a wet cotton swab.


Magic Eraser


Depending on the size of your home, you may need several Magic Erasers to get the job done. Lightly dampen the Magic Eraser sponge and run the sponge over the baseboards. Keep a bowl of soapy water nearby so that you can clean and re-dampen the sponge as needed. This method is only suitable for painted baseboards.


If you have wood baseboards, use a wood cleaning product and a cloth.




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Vacuuming is a fast and easy way to remove buildup on the baseboards. This should be a first step before using any of the other baseboard cleaning methods. In addition, you can minimize buildup by running the handheld attachment over the baseboards each time you vacuum the floor.


Cleaning Wipes


Cleaning wipes can be used as well. Both antimicrobial wipes and baby wipes work well. The wipes should remove both dirt and spots. Some people, however, do not prefer this method because of the number of wipes required to clean all of the baseboards in a home.


Dryer Sheets


Dryer sheets have anti-static properties, making them well-suited for cleaning baseboards. Even if you choose a different cleaning method, you may still want to complete your cleaning process by running a dryer sheet over the baseboards. This is because the anti-static properties can repel dust and prevent it from accumulating on the baseboards for a period of time.




Many of the other baseboard cleaning methods listed here require you to stoop or get on your knees. If you prefer or need to remain standing, you can dust the baseboards off with a broom. Because the dust will land on the floor, you should follow this up by vacuuming or sweeping the floor.


Check out this video as we share tips from a professional cleaner on how to keep your baseboards clean with minimal effort.





Can you clean baseboards with soap and water?


In many cases, soap and water are not needed to remove the buildup of dust and dirt on the baseboards. However, soap and water can be used to remove spots and marks. Simply dampen a clean microfiber cloth or sponge with the soapy water, and scrub the spots away.


How often do you need to clean baseboards?


While you need to clean your floors on a weekly basis through vacuuming sweeping and mopping, the baseboards do not require such frequent maintenance efforts. By cleaning the baseboards every four to six months, you can prevent excessive dust and dirt buildup.


How do you make old baseboards look new?


How to Clean Baseboards Cleanzen Image of a Wooden Floor with White Walls and Baseboards


Generally, cleaning dirty baseboards will refresh their appearance. However, if the baseboards are showing their age through worn paint and spots that won’t wash off with soap and water, you can take an additional step to rejuvenate them. Touch-up paint on the trouble spots can give your baseboards a like-new appearance.


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