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Your computer screen can collect smudges, dust and other debris over the course of just a few days. This filth can transfer to the keyboard, ports and other vital components, so regular cleaning is essential for optimal use of the computer.


However, using improper techniques and supplies can cause serious damage to your computer. What should you know about cleaning your computer screen before you get started?


Why Is Cleaning Your Computer Screen Important?


A dirty, smudged computer screen directly impacts visibility. While this is an inconvenience, it could impact your use of the computer if the buildup grows.


In addition, some of the debris on the computer screen can transfer to the device’s cooling vents, keyboard and ports. If this happens, your computer’s performance will diminish.


In severe cases, irreversible damage can occur. While cleaning the computer screen regularly is critical, you must use the right techniques and supplies for the screen type.


How Do I Know If My Computer Screen is LCD or Non-LCD?


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The proper care steps for a computer screen depend on what type of screen you have. The easiest way to determine if your computer has an LCD or non-LCD screen is to look at the manufacturer’s box.


If the box is not available, you could also research the model online. Generally, PCs come with LCD screens that include LED backlighting.


MacBooks, on the other hand, have a glass coating over a non-LCD screen. Ensure that you follow the proper care steps for your specific computer screen type to avoid damaging it.


How to Clean LCD Monitor Screen


The supplies necessary to clean an LCD monitor’s screen are a special LCD display screen spray and a microfiber cloth. Distilled water can be used as an alternative to the LCD screen cleaner.


Before starting, power down your computer, and unplug the computer’s cord from the wall. Using the microfiber cloth, gently swipe over the screen in circles to remove the dust. Then, spray the LCD screen cleaner or distilled water on the microfiber cloth.


Do not spray it directly on the screen as this could result in damage. Wipe the damp cloth in linear movements until all of the smudges are gone. Before turning the computer on, the screen should have time to air dry.


How to Clean a Non-LCD (Glass-Coated) Computer Screen


To clean a non-LCD computer screen, you need white vinegar, water and a microfiber cloth. The process begins when you power down the computer and unplug the power cord. Then, dust off the screen using the dry microfiber cloth. Before wiping the screen with any liquid, read the manufacturer’s directions.


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In addition, test a small area of the screen to ensure damage will not occur. When you know that vinegar will work on your screen, apply a small portion of vinegar to the cloth.


Using gentle, linear movements, wipe off the smudges. Using a clean, dry microfiber cloth, wipe the remaining moisture off of the computer screen. The screen must be completely dry before its next use.


Important Cleaning Tips (Do’s & Don’ts)



  • Learn what type of screen your computer has before proceeding.
  • Read the cleaning recommendations from the manufacturer for your specific model.
  • Power down the computer, and unplug the cord before cleaning it.
  • Apply the liquid to the cloth rather than directly on the screen. The cloth should be lightly damp rather than dripping with moisture.



  • Don’t use dirty cloths, tissues or paper towels to clean the screen.
  • Do not use Mr. Clean, Lysol or bleach-based products to clean the computer screen. Also, avoid using makeup remover and dish soap on the screen.
  • Don’t overly saturate your microfiber cloth with the cleaning agent.
  • Don’t apply the liquid directly to the screen.
  • Don’t press too hard when cleaning the screen.


Here are more tips on how you can safely and effectively clean your computer screens without damaging them.





How Often Should I Clean My Monitor Screen?


Your computer’s monitor can show dirt and smudges quickly. This can impact visibility as well as the computer’s performance. Because of this, you should include this task as part of your weekly cleaning chores. The other areas of the computer should be cleaned every few months.


Can You Use Alcohol Wipes, Wet Wipes, Eye Glass Cleaner or Even Windex on My Computer Screens?


These glass cleaning products can be used to clean a non-LCD display screen. If your computer has an LCD screen, avoid using these as damage can occur.


Is It Okay to Use Water to Clean My Computer Screen?


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You can clean both LCD and non-LCD computer screens with water, but you should only use distilled water purchased from your local store. Do not use tap water. As is true with other cleaning methods, the water should be applied sparingly on the microfiber cloth. It should not be sprayed directly onto the computer screen. In addition, the cloth should not be oversaturated with moisture. The screen must be dry before using the computer screen again.


Like your computer’s screen, many of the equipment, furnishings and features in your home require special care. Keeping up with the proper cleaning steps and supplies for each item is challenging, but you can enjoy an easier way to clean your house with regular service from Cleanzen Boston. For assistance with your home cleaning needs, contact us today.


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