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When you think about using a mirror, the first thing that comes to mind likely is looking at your reflection as part of your regular hygiene routine. Mirrors also serve other important purposes in your home, such as enhancing light in the space, making a room seem larger and improving the ambiance. The many uses of a mirror, however, are diminished when the mirror is dirty.


In fact, a dirty mirror can make it feel like your entire home is dirty. Unfortunately, mirrors grow filthy easily with fingerprint smudges, toothpaste splatters, dust and others.


Cleaning a mirror sounds simple enough, but it can actually be a frustrating experience. Without the proper techniques and supplies, the mirror may take on a foggy look, have streaks or be covered with paper towel fuzz. These issues create unnecessary frustration, and they can be avoided.


What should you know about how to clean a mirror the right way?


Cleaning Mirror with Microfiber Cloth


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Many people reach for a roll of paper towels when cleaning mirrors. They are readily available, and one of their purposes is to wipe away excess liquids. However, paper towels are paper products, so they will naturally leave behind tiny flecks of paper as you use them. The result is a speckled mirror.


A microfiber cloth will not leave flecks behind. Instead, it will produce a polished-looking surface with a perfect reflection.


Cleaning Mirror with Glass Cleaner


Vinegar is an effective cleaning agent for glass and mirrors, but the smell is not pleasant to many people. An alternative to cleaning with vinegar is to buy a glass cleaning product at a store. Look for products that have both vinegar and a pleasant scent.


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Some quality glass cleaning products are Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar, Better Life Natural Glass Cleaner and Windex. When using these products, follow the same application and cleaning instructions as with the homemade vinegar cleaning solution.


How to Clean a Mirror with Vinegar


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Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaning product that can be used to clean everything from stainless steel and laundry to the mirrors throughout your home. One of the components in vinegar is acetic acid, which breaks down the various types of dirt on the mirrors.


To clean your mirrors with vinegar, you should prepare the cleaning solution as the first step. In a spray bottle, combine one part water with one part vinegar. Some people also add a tablespoon of corn starch to the solution. If the mirror is foggy, add a few drops of liquid dish soap rather than corn starch. Then, spray the solution on a clean microfiber cloth.


Do not spray the solution directly on the mirror as this makes it more difficult to clean without creating smudges. The proper way to clean a mirror is with an S-style motion. Avoid running the microfiber cloth linearly for the best results.


Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Mirrors?


Vinegar and glass cleaning products work well, but you may want to spot clean the marks with rubbing alcohol before getting started. These marks may be toothpaste residue, hair care products and other products.


Using a clean microfiber cloth or a bamboo pad, dab on a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Do not oversaturate the cloth. Then, use the cloth to scrub away the stubborn spots. After doing so, you can continue cleaning the mirror with your choice of vinegar or a glass cleaning product.


Steam Cleaning Mirrors


You can also use a steam cleaner to clean your mirrors. Your machine should have a squeegee attachment. With this method, you do not need to use any other cleaning products or materials.
How to Clean Your Mirrors for a Streak Free Shine Cleanzen Image of a Steam Cleaner and SqueegeeUsing the squeegee attachment, simply run the steamer across the glass from top to bottom. While you should use an S-shaped motion with other mirror cleaning methods, this is not recommended when steam cleaning mirrors.




What is the best way to clean a mirror?

The best way to clean mirrors is with a proper cleaning agent and a microfiber cloth. The best agents are a vinegar and water solution, rubbing alcohol or a vinegar-based glass cleaning product. When wiping the mirrors with the microfiber cloth, use an S-shaped motion.


How Often Should You Clean Your Mirrors?

The recommended frequency to clean mirrors depends on their location and how frequently they are used. For example, a decorative mirror hanging high on a wall may only need to be cleaned monthly. The mirror in your primary bathroom may need to be cleaned weekly or even more frequently. You can also simply pay attention to the cleanliness of the mirrors. When you notice watermarks, hardwater stains, streaks or smudges, it is time to clean the mirrors.


What should you not clean mirrors with?

You should not clean mirrors with abrasive cleaning products or abrasive sponges or towels. These products and materials can damage the glass permanently.


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