How to Clean Slime from Everything

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If you have younger children, you are likely familiar with the slime craze. In addition to the various slime products that kids may ask you to buy from local stores, there are several recipes for make-your-own slime online. The gooey mess may be fun for kids to play with, but it will also cling to everything from your clothes to your walls, furniture, and more. It is easy to panic when you discover a slimy mess on various surfaces throughout your home, but there are thankfully several strategies for removing the mess and restoring the cleanliness of your clothes and home.



  • Removing Slime from Clothing




The first step to take when removing slime from clothing or from any other surface is to scrape away as much of the gunk as you can. However, you do not want to push the substance deeper into the surface. Therefore, use a flat-edge object, such as a butter knife or a spoon, to wipe off the top layer of the gunk. It may be easier to remove the bulk of the slime if you harden it with ice cubes first.


For many types of fabric, the easiest way to tackle slime stains is with a combination of liquid dish soap, water, and white vinegar. To get started, you will fill your kitchen sink with hot, soapy water just as you would do if you were handwashing your dishes. While the sink is filling with water, pour white vinegar on the affected area of clothing. The vinegar should soak into the fabric for at least a few minutes. Then, immerse the stained material in the soapy water in the sink. Rub two sides of the fabric together in the water to work the slimy stain out of the material. This should do the trick. However, if the stain remains, repeat this process after you apply a dish soap directly to the fabric. Remember to wash the clothing as normal after the stain is removed.



An alternative to this method is to use liquid laundry detergent. You will pretreat the stain for at least 10 minutes using the liquid laundry detergent. After the pretreatment, soak the garment in warm, clean water for at least 30 minutes. You can then wash the clothing as usual.



  • Removing Slime from Upholstery


Upon discovering slime stains on your upholstered furniture, you may be inclined to think that the piece is ruined. However, slime can generally be removed from most types of upholstery by following a few steps. If the furniture has polyester fabric, the slime may be completely or mostly removed by simply scraping it up with a spoon.



For other types of fabric, more significant effort is required. You can choose to use either rubbing alcohol or white vinegar based on your preference and on which product is most readily accessible to you. To begin, you can apply the rubbing alcohol at full strength to the material. If you are using white vinegar, cut the vinegar’s strength in half with clean water. After your preferred cleaning agent has saturated the slime stain, use a spoon to scrape off any loose slime debris that has been freed by the liquid. Then, gently blot the stain using a clean cloth. You will likely need to repeat these steps several times until the stain is gone.


Regardless of whether you use rubbing alcohol or white vinegar, the fabric should be rinsed with clean water after the stain is eliminated. Use a clean, dry towel to soak up as much of the moisture as possible. Because the dye in colored towels may bleed onto the upholstery, only use white towels.




  • Removing Slime from Walls



Removing a messy slime stain from painted drywall is also relatively easy to do. After you have gently scraped away as much of the globe as possible, you will need to create a slime removal paste. This thick paste consists of a fair amount of baking soda combined with equal amounts of water and white vinegar. Only apply enough water and vinegar necessary to create a thick paste. Using your fingers or a butter knife, apply the paste to the stain on the drywall. After the paste has thoroughly dried, wipe it off of the wall with a clean cloth or a paper towel.



Keeping your home clean regularly is hard enough to do without having to factor in unusual situations like slime stains. Slime is only one of many messes that our top-rated home cleaners know how to deal with. If you are looking for an easier way to enjoy the essential benefit of a clean home, our Chicago maids are ready to help. To inquire about our services and to request a quote for the specific cleaning services that you need, contact us today.


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