Tips To Clean Vomit From Your Carpets

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Vomit is simply an unfortunate part of life. Whether you ate bad food or you caught a tummy bug, what went down likely will come back up at some point. If you have pets and kids, you may be dealing with vomit far more frequently than you would like to. It is always best to be proactive, such as by getting a large bowl or pot for a sick child to throw up in and keeping a sick dog off of the carpet.


However, accidents can and do happen. You will likely deal with vomit on your carpet at least a few times over the years. Vomit may be comprised of bodily fluids and a combination of the last foods and beverages that were consumed. It can leave a foul odor and a big stain if you do not follow the proper steps to remove vomit from the carpet.


  • Before You Get Started



There is a wide range of carpets that may be made out of different types of fibers and dyes. These materials may have specific and unique care instructions. Before you apply any products to the carpet, research the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions. In the event that you do not have this information available, always test a discreet, small area in the corner of the room. If you spot signs of fading or discoloration, you should not use these steps to clean your carpet.


  • Gather the Essentials Quickly


If you are fortunate enough to find the mess right away, you must first scoop away as much of the vomit from the carpet as you can. The best time to do this is immediate. When the moist pile remains on the carpet for a longer period of time, the mess can seep farther into the carpet fibers. This makes the mess much harder to clean. Using paper towels and a trash bag, clear all of the thick mess off of the carpet.


Then, pull together a few clean cloths, a spoon, a spray bottle, and white vinegar. An alternative for white vinegar is hydrogen peroxide.



  • Clean the Carpet as Soon as Possible


You are now ready to clean the rest of the vomit off of the floor. At the same time, you will remove the stain and unpleasant odor. Using the spoon, scrape up any remaining vomit that may have gathered on or just under the carpet’s surface. This step will make the rest of the process much easier, so continue scraping vomit from the stain until you cannot remove any more of the substance.



In the spray bottle, dilute the white vinegar with an even portion of water. You can use the hydrogen peroxide as an alternative, but do not mix the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together. Spray the stained area with the mixture. Then, blot up the mess with a clean towel. You will need to repeat this process at least a few times. For each round, use a clean towel. Once the stain is removed, use a clean towel to blot up the moisture. Do not allow the carpet to remain excessively moist for a long period of time.


  • Deal with Dry Vomit


Have you recently discovered a dry pile of vomit? Pets tend to get sick in out-of-the-way areas, so this is more common than you may think. To tackle this problem, you will need all of the items mentioned above. You will also need baking soda and a vacuum cleaner or a broom.



You should pull as much of the mess from the carpet as you can using a paper towel. If the vomit is still slightly moist, you may be able to use the spoon procedure to remove more of the vomit. Then, sprinkle a healthy amount of baking soda over the stain. Cover this with a clean towel for 15 minutes or longer.


Based on your preference, use the broom or vacuum to remove the combination of baking soda and dry vomit. You will now be able to use the hydrogen peroxide-water or vinegar-water mixture to moisten the stain and to blot up the mess. This is the same process as described earlier. However, because the vomit has had time to set in and to seep deeper, it may take more effort to fully remove the stain.




While vomiting is an unfortunate part of life, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of you, your family, and your pets getting a stomach bug. For example, sanitizing your home’s hard surfaces more frequently may be helpful.


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