How to Clean Stuck on Wax off Surfaces

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The perfect way to set the right ambiance in your room is with the warm, flickering glow and fragrant scent of a candle. While you can enjoy candlelight most of the time without incident, wax spills and drips are common. Unfortunately, wax can cling to most surfaces, and this can make the cleanup task seemingly impossible. You may be inclined to think that a wax spill or drip has ruined your furniture or another surface, but this is not the case. With a few easy steps, you can erase all signs of wax from the surface.

Wood Furnishings and Floors


After you get over the initial shock of noticing wax on your wood floor or furniture, you may have the impulse to start scratching the wax off with a butter knife or even your fingernail. This scratching action, however, can damage the wood. A better idea is to melt the wax using a blow dryer. Using the blow dryer’s hottest setting, target the warm air directly at the wax. When the wax has softened, simply use a clean cloth to wipe up the gooey mess. If some wax remains, simply repeat the process until all of the wax has been removed.



Brick has a rough, porous surface, and hot wax can easily seep deeply into the surface. While you want to use heat to clean wax off of wood, the opposite approach should be used to remove wax from brick. Place a frozen ice pack or ice on the wax for several minutes. Once the wax is very cold and hard, run the flat surface of a butter knife across the brick. Most of the wax should be removed through this step. However, if some wax remains deeper in the surface, you can use a solvent like Goo Gone. Simply follow the instructions on the label of the product that you select. Once the wax is gone, rinse away the solvent using soap and water.




As soon as you notice a wax drip or spill on fabric, put the material directly in the freezer, if possible. After an hour, pull the fabric out of the freezer, and scratch away the frozen wax with a butter knife. If the wax is not placed in the freezer right away, the material could penetrate into the fibers. Because of this, scraping the surface layer of the wax may not be fully effective. If a wax stain remains, get out a paper bag and a clothes iron. Place the bag over the stain, and run the hot iron on top of it. This will draw the wax into the paper bag where it can easily be removed. You may need to launder the fabric in the washing machine after you take this step.


Painted Materials



Paint is a protective coating that creates a different type of surface for wax to cling to. If your furniture, brick or sheetrock has been painted, you will need to use heat to extract the wax. Use the same paper bag technique that you used for fabric wax stains. If you do not have a hot iron available or if you are afraid about potentially catching the paper bag on fire, you can always use hot air from a blow dryer to tackle the stain. As is the case with other surfaces, you may need to repeat the process a few times to fully remove all of the wax.


Electronic Devices


The best method for removing wax from an electronic device is to freeze the wax. You understandably do not want to risk damaging an electronic device by exposing it to melting ice cubes. Rather than using ice cubes, apply a frozen ice pack to the wax after unplugging the device and powering it off. Once the wax is very cold, you should be able to peel it away easily. If any wax remnants linger, use Goo Gone to finish the job.



Wax on carpeting can seem like a major dilemma, but it can easily be removed with the right strategy. Place a single-ply paper bag over the wax. Then, run a hot iron over the paper bag for a few seconds. Once the wax heats up underneath the bag, it will cling to the paper bag. Repeat this process using a clean section of the paper bag each time until the wax has been completely removed.


Clean Your Home Without a Hassle


Wax is only one of many problematic stains that you may be dealing with. There are different cleaning techniques and products that can be used to effectively and thoroughly clean surfaces throughout the home. Rather than trying to tackle all of your tough cleaning projects yourself, you can put our pros to work for you. To learn more about our professional maid services at Cleanzen, click here today.


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