How to Make Your Dirty Mop Clean Again

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Your mop serves the essential purpose of wiping up spills, dirt tracks, bacteria and more from hard floor surfaces. While it plays a critical role in creating a clean home, the unfortunate reality is that it could actually be making your home dirtier than it was before you started mopping. Why is this? Each time you clean the floors, the mop picks up unhealthy elements that can remain in the mop after the cleaning chore is complete. Bacteria, mildew and other elements can actually grow while the mop is sitting in your utility room. When you bring the mop out for the next cleaning session, it may be riddled with filth. By mopping the floor with it, you are wiping these elements across the floor and spreading filth around. The good news is that keeping your mop clean is a relatively easy process.


Gather the Supplies


You will need a bucket of clean water and the right cleaning products to sanitize your mop. You may have just used your bucket to clean the floors, so you should assume that it is as dirty as the mop. With this in mind, you must first sanitize the bucket. You can use vinegar or bleach and hot water to complete this step. Once your bucket is ready, fill it with clean, hot water. Keep the vinegar or bleach handy because they will be needed to clean the mop head.


Clean the Mop Thoroughly


If you have not already done so, rinse the mop head thoroughly using clean water. To prevent contamination in your sink, consider using the garden hose in your backyard for this important task. Then, wring as much of the water as you can out of the mop head. Add an ample supply of bleach or vinegar to your bucket of hot water. Allow the mop head to sit in this mixture for at least a half hour. You will need to repeat this cleaning process two additional times to ensure that the mop is sanitary. After doing so, fill the bucket with clean water, and rinse the mop head in it. Then, wring the mop head as dry as you can, and allow it to completely air dry before returning it to its storage spot.



Best Practice Tips for Cleaning a Mop



Before you start cleaning your mop, it is important to learn about a few do’s and don’ts. For example, you should avoid letting the mop sit in the water for look long. Excessive exposure in a dirty bucket of water can make your cleaning task much more difficult and may even lead to mold growth. Excessive time in a bucket of clean water can cause the mop fibers to break down. This will lead to the premature need to replace the mop.


In addition, keep the mop out of reach of children. This is particularly important if you are using bleach to clean the mop head. Another important tip is to thoroughly soak a new mop head before using it. This can increase its absorbency and make it more effective at its job. It can also make your first few post-cleaning sessions easier and more productive.



Keep the Mop Clean Going Forward


Are you wondering how often to clean the mop? What can you do to keep the grime from building up? Each time you mop, the head will become saturated with filth. This means that the mop will need to be thoroughly cleaned each time you mop the floors. The process of cleaning a mop can be tedious, but the benefit of knowing that you have pristine, sanitary floors is well worth the effort.


To prevent mold and other elements from growing while the mop is in storage, make sure that it has completely dried. Consider drying it in fresh air and sunshine for the best results. Even with the best efforts to keep the mop head clean, it should still be replaced from time to time. If you mop regularly and it has been more than a year since the last time the mop head was replaced, you should put this task at the top of your to-do list.


The Easier to Clean Your Home Right



Between mopping the floor and thoroughly cleaning the mop after each use, this aspect of your housecleaning chores alone can take a few hours to complete. Of course, many other areas of the home require your regular attention as well. The last thing that you want to do is to skim over important chores or to use filthy cleaning supplies. When you use Chicago regular cleaning services from Cleanzen, you are assured that the chores will be completed right. Our maids always bring high-quality cleaning products and supplies to each home, and they give each home the full attention that it needs. To learn more about Cleanzen services, contact us today.


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