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From stacks of papers and books that you haven’t touched in years to old bottles in your medicine cabinet and kitchen pantry, your home can easily grow more cluttered with each passing day.


Old clothes, sporting goods and small appliances that you forgot you owned, dusty knick-knacks and various other items that you don’t need can make your space feel crowded and messy even after the cleaning chores are done. Decluttering from time to time can help you enjoy a tidier home.

What Is Decluttering?


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When you declutter your home, you remove the unimportant things and keep only those items that serve a purpose in your life. When you remove the clutter, it’s helpful to understand what clutter actually is.


Clutter includes items that you have been holding onto for various purposes without using. For example, you may have old lawn tools in the garage or shed even though you’ve already replaced them. Your kids may have old toys that they outgrew long ago. When you get rid of these and other items that no longer serve a purpose for you, you can enjoy numerous benefits.


Why Is Decluttering Important?


Clutter tends to make you feel boxed in. It takes up valuable space that could be used for other things. If the space isn’t needed, you can enjoy a more relaxing environment at home by removing clutter. Some people have so much clutter that they are embarrassed to have people drop by.


Messy apartment counter tops covered in clutter


Removing the clutter helps you feel more confident and prouder of where you live. When you declutter your home regularly, you prevent building up an excessive amount of unwanted items. In addition, when you’re planning to move, decluttering makes the packing and unpacking steps much faster and easier.


How Do I Start to Declutter My Home?


Decluttering can seem overwhelming in some cases. You could spend between a few hours to a few days decluttering a single room in your home.


The best way to declutter your home is to completely finish one room before starting another one. Make a plan for the order you’ll follow for the rooms throughout your house as well as the garage, shed and other areas.


In addition, set rules for yourself. When you have a plan and a set of rules, you can more easily complete your project. Common decluttering rules are listed below:

  • 12-12-12 Rule: Find 12 items to toss out as well as 12 items to donate and 12 items to keep.
  • 90-90 Rule: Get rid of items that you haven’t used in the last 90 days and don’t plan to use in the next 90 days.
  • 80-20 Rule: Declutter 20% of your space with your regular cleaning sessions. Declutter the other 80% when you deep clean your home.
  • 5 Second Rule: Pick up each item, and hold it for five seconds. Decide to keep, donate or toss it within that time.


Tidying up your home can be a big task. Here are more tips to make it easier!



Tips for Decluttering Your Home


Decluttering your home might feel like a big job, but it can feel great when you’re done. Here are some easy tips to help you tidy up:


Keep, Toss, or Donate


Get separate boxes or bags for the items you plan to donate, throw away or store. When you go through your drawers, closets and other spaces, touch each item once. Decide quickly if you’ll keep it, toss it or donate it. Get rid of clothes that you can’t or don’t want to wear within the next year. These are items that you don’t fit in any longer or items that are outdated.


Give Everything a Home


Every item that you keep needs to belong somewhere. By creating a space for each item, it won’t be laying around cluttering spaces where it shouldn’t be.


Invest in Storage


There are a wide range of storage containers and features available to help you optimize every nook and cranny of your home. Remember to take advantage of vertical space as well.


Listen to Your Favorite Playlist


When you listen to songs you love, you’ll get in a groove and find the process more enjoyable. You may even be able to make decisions about what to do with various items easier and faster.


Take Pictures


view of an organized and tidy cabinet


Before you start cleaning a room, take pictures from every angle. Open the drawers and cabinets for photos, too. If you get discouraged in the middle of decluttering the room, look at the photos. You’ll see the progress you’ve made and be motivated to finish the project.


Spare Few Minutes Daily


If you don’t have a lot of time to declutter, commit to spending 10 to 30 minutes each day. You’ll progressively see great results.


Ask Help


Ask someone to help you with your project. In addition to having a set of helping hands to complete the project faster, you can get moral support. This is particularly helpful if you have a sentimental attachment to many things.


Take Breaks


If you plan to devote a full day or several days to decluttering your home, pencil in breaks. A short rest and a meal to refuel your body will help you finish strong.


Pass Items to Loved Ones


You don’t necessarily have to get rid of items to keep them in the family. For heirlooms that you don’t have room for or items of value or purpose that don’t serve your needs, give them to a family member.


What to Do with Things You’ve Decluttered


Donating Decluttering And Cleaning Up Wardrobe


Items that you no longer want should be separated into piles for donation and charity. You may also set aside some items to give to family members. It’s best to create these piles as you go.


How Can I Stay Clutter-Free After Decluttering?


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The best way to keep your home free of clutter is to avoid buying things that won’t serve a purpose for a reasonable period of time. Perhaps you can rent or borrow items that you only need for a brief time. In addition, each time you bring something into your home, get rid of something.


Keeping your home clutter-free and clean requires regular effort. If your chores stack up, the job of cleaning your home becomes much more time-consuming and difficult. When you need help around the house, the Cleanzen team is ready to help. While there are many Boston cleaning companies that you can call, we are your trusted source for pristine results. Contact us today to schedule your home’s first service.


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