Natural and Safe Ways to Deodorize Your Home

Woman at home opening the window and enjoying fresh air.

The best way to freshen up your home as the seasons change is by deodorizing the space. However, lots of room sprays and deodorizers can have harsh chemical scents that seem to linger in the air. There are a handful of ways you can de-stink your home naturally and safely and we’ve put together a few to show you how. Now you can get rid of your home’s musty odors and leave your home smelling amazing.

Open Up The Windows


Woman opening windows letting fresh air in


One of the first things suggested when attempting to flush out any stale air is opening up the windows in your home. This is a quick and simple way to increase the airflow in your house and allow for fresh air to enter the space. Allowing the air and sunlight to enter your home unfiltered not only refreshes the space but can boost your mood and brighten up the rooms while you set out some natural odor neutralizers.


Refresh The Carpets

Diy carpet freshener baking soda cornstarch and essential oils.

Carpets can hang onto a lot of dust and any odors from the air, making it one of the stinkiest parts of the home. The best way to naturally get rid of those trapped odors and leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean is a DIY deodorizer powder. You can also use plain baking soda to deodorize your carpets, but we like to have a light scent left behind to help knock out any remaining odors. Here is a recipe that we highly suggest:

  • Mix together 1 cup of baking soda and ½ cup of cornstarch
  • Next, you can add around 5 drops of your favorite essential oil scent the the mix
  • Sprinkle a small amount of the scented powder onto your carpet, with a little extra in the high traffic areas
  • Allow the powder to sit in these areas for up to 30 minutes before vacuuming thoroughly
  • You can use this entire mix if you have multiple carpeted rooms or you can empty the rest into a clean jar to be used later


Clean Linens


Stack of fresh clean linen and towels.


We love the smell and crispness of fresh sheets on our beds, especially when refreshing our homes from top to bottom. Stripping the bed and washing the sheets and blankets in your home is another great way to get rid of any stale odors. Sweat, dead skin, and pet odors can linger in your sheets and pillowcases so it is a good idea to make sure everything gets a regular wash. It is suggested that you make washing your sheets a part of your weekly routine in order to keep any odors under control. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also check the manufacturer’s tag on your pillows for any washing instructions and sprinkle a light amount of baking soda onto your mattress and vacuum it up so that your whole bed will be fresh and odor free for a good night’s sleep.


Try a Simmer Pot


Saucepan left simmering.


The smell of something cooking can be a comforting and energizing aroma, so why not use that to freshen up your home? A simmer pot is one of the best ways to bring new and powerful scents into your home and there are a number of recipes you can try depending on your particular preferences. As the weather gets cooler, we like to use this recipe for a cozy fall feel:

  • Cut up an orange into round slices and add them to a pot of water
  • Peel an apple and add the peels to the pot with the oranges
  • Add a few cloves and cinnamon sticks to the pot
  • Place the pot on the stove and bring it to a boil
  • Allow the water to cool and remain on a simmer and add water every half an hour
  • This simmer pot can last all day if you like, just be sure to properly dispose of the water and consider composting the oranges, apple peels, and spices.


Make A Natural Room Spray


Natural homemade deodorizing spray.


Room sprays can be a helpful way to quickly refresh a room before you leave or to freshen up after a quick bathroom break. Like simmer pots, you can create your own blend of scents for your home and mix it up as the seasons change or just have a universal scent that you love. The best way to make any custom room spray is this DIY recipe:

  • Mix together 1 cup of distilled water and 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.
  • Add up to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil or mix scents to create your own blend. We like to use scents like lemon, tea tree, rosemary, or bergamot to remove odors.
  • Shake the spray bottle well and use the solution around your home to neutralize any lingering odors.


Do you have any tips and tricks for naturally deodorizing your home? Tell us all about them in the comments, we’d love to hear about it. If you need a little extra help keeping odors in your home under control, our Philadelphia cleaning services are here to help. Contact us today to see if we have the right services for you!


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