How To Disinfect and Sterilize Your Earrings

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The right pair of earrings can be the perfect complement to your outfit of the day, but earrings will become filthy over time if you do not take proper care of them. Dirty earrings can look dingy and will not convey the right look when you wear them. More than that, they can cause an infection or other health issues. Generally, your earrings should be cleaned on a weekly basis. The right techniques should be used to safeguard the earrings from damage while also completely sterilizing them for your well-being.


  • Prepare for the Project

There are two primary products that you can use to clean most types of earrings. These are rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. If your earrings are made out of gold or silver, you may need to take special steps to properly care for those precious metals. In addition to having the right cleaning products nearby, you should have a small glass cup, a jewelry brush, cotton balls, and a clean towel.



  • The Preferred Cleaning Method


When you go through the effort to clean your earrings, you understandably want them to be fully sanitized and unquestionably safe to wear. The most thorough cleaning process starts when you place your earrings in your glass cup. Separate the posts from the backs. Then, pour a sufficient amount of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide into the container. All of the earrings should be submerged. Set a timer for 10 minutes.


If your earrings are very dirty, you may need to leave them submerged for anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. Once a sufficient amount of time has passed, wash your hands thoroughly. Pull each piece out of the cup individually. Scrub it gently with the jewelry brush, and follow this step by rinsing the piece. If it is sufficiently clean, you can dry it and move on to the next piece. If the earring is still dirty, submerge it in the rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide again. Repeat the steps until the earrings are completely clean.



  • The Fast Cleaning Method



You should never wear dirty earrings because of the risk of infection, but there may be times when you do not have time to thoroughly clean the earrings that would look perfect with your outfit. You can settle for the fast cleaning method at this time, and you can follow this up with thorough cleaning at the end of the day. Before putting on the earrings, pour the rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide directly on a clean cloth until it is saturated sufficiently. Use the cloth to wipe down each earring. Rinse them, and give them time to dry on a clean towel before putting them on.



  • The Cleaning Method for Gemstone Earrings


The cleaning method for earrings with gemstones is somewhat different. Your cleaning solution should include one part of ammonia and four parts of water. Allow the earrings to soak in this concoction for 20 minutes. During that time, add a modest amount of liquid dishwashing soap to another cup or bowl that is filled with warm water. After the 20 minutes have passed, transfer the earrings to your bowl of soap and water. Allow them to sit in the bowl for a few minutes. If grime persists, gently scrub the earrings with the jewelry brush. The gemstones should be mounted firmly in place and should hold up perfectly to light brushing. However, if you identify any loose prongs, schedule repair service for the piece. After the cleaning steps are done, you can rinse and dry the earrings.



  • Cleaning New Piercings



When you initially get your ears pierced, you will be instructed to keep them in place for several weeks until the skin has completely healed. During this period of time, it is crucial that you keep the earrings clean. You will need to clean them at least once a day using rubbing alcohol. Dab a cotton ball or a cloth with rubbing alcohol. Then, use it to clean the front and back of the earrings while the earrings remain in your ear.



  • Professional Jewelry Cleaning



Most reputable jewelry stores offer cleaning services for earrings as well as for all of your other pieces. Some of them may even offer complimentary services if you purchased the items from them. While this method should give you thorough results, it is not always convenient to visit the jeweler as frequently as you may need to clean your jewelry.


Your jewelry is only one of many items in your home that require regular care. You understandably need to keep your home and belongings sanitary, but you thankfully do not need to do all of the chores yourself. To learn about Cleanzen residential cleaning services and to schedule your first service with our Boston maids, contact the Cleanzen team today.


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