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Houseflies, which are scientifically known as Musca domestica, thrive in warm environments. They are particularly active between the spring and fall months.


These annoying insects breed quickly, producing up to 500 eggs in under 25 days. Because of this, a few houseflies could turn into a swarm in a matter of days. They are a nuisance in the home, and they also spread foodborne illnesses and various diseases.


Between the health risks and the likelihood of a full-blown infestation, you need to know how to get rid of flies in the house fast.


Are Houseflies Harmful?


Houseflies are not generally known to be harmful. They don’t bite or sting. Instead, they buzz around, and their speed makes them difficult to swat and kill.


However, a single house fly can be infected with millions of microorganisms. Some of these microorganisms can cause moderate to serious health problems for humans. The microorganisms are carried on flies’ feet, so it is likely for the pathogens to spread to food and surfaces that the flies land on.


What Attracts Houseflies to Your Home?


Female houseflies lay approximately 100 eggs at a time. These eggs are deposited on decaying organic matter, such as rotting food and pet waste. These elements are essentially a magnet for house flies. Within 48 hours after depositing the eggs, the eggs hatch and turn into maggots. They then evolve into adult houseflies capable of reproducing. How to Get Rid of Flies Cleanzen Image of Swarm of Flies

Houseflies may be attracted to pet waste in your yard as well as kitty litter bins in the home. They also seek out trash cans filled with food waste and other areas that may have decaying foods. Houseflies seek out warm places, and they can enter your home through open doors and windows as well as unsealed crevices.


How to Get Rid of Houseflies Naturally


There are numerous ways to get rid of houseflies naturally without introducing harsh chemicals in your home.




Cloves are one of the natural ingredients that repel houseflies. You can add some cloves to a small bowl or in a satchel with loose mesh. Place the cloves near the area where the flies gather or enter the home.




Essential oils repel houseflies, and they make your home smell lovely at the same time. Add lavender oil to an infuser, and run the machine for several hours each day until the infestation is gone. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to a spray mister with water. Spray the mist throughout the home a few times each day. Other essential oils work well, too, including lemongrass, eucalyptus and peppermint.


CitrusHow to Get Rid of Flies Cleanzen Image of Citrus Fruits, on White Background

Citrus is another scent that houseflies avoid. Several cleaning products have a lemon or orange scent and can be used to clean your home and deter flies at the same time. An alternative is to place citrus fruit slices in areas where the flies are gathering or entering the home.




Flies steer clear of plant herbs, making them a natural deterrent. In areas where flies enter your home or gather, place a live basil plant in a pot. Alternatives to basil are rue, bay leaf, tansy and mint.




Flies dislike pine, so cleaning with a pine-scented cleaner regularly can drive them away. Consider using Pine-Sol to clean your hard floors on a weekly basis. You can also use Pine-Sol to clean the interior of your trash cans.


Cayenne PepperRed hot chili pepper on white background

Cayenne pepper is not an appealing scent for houseflies. Sprinkle the cayenne pepper near the areas where the flies enter your home. The pepper can cover a small plate or another flat container.


Apple Cider Vinegar & Dish Soap


Pour equal parts apple cider vinegar and liquid dish soap in a small bowl. Sprinkle a healthy amount of sugar on top, but do not stir the mixture. The sugar attracts the flies, and the liquid kills them.


Light Trap


If you want to bypass natural ingredients, you can use a light trap to zap the flies. Flies are naturally attracted to light sources. A light trap uses a small electrical charge to kill the flies that land on it.


How to Create Homemade Fly Trap


You can make a homemade fly trap using an old soda bottle and a small cup of sugar water. Cut the top half of the bottle, and invert it into the glass. The contraption acts as a funnel, attracting houseflies down into the sugar water. The flies cannot easily get out of the fly trap and will die.


Here’s another way of getting rid of houseflies. Check out the product recommendations on this video!



How to Prevent House Flies


It is easier to prevent houseflies from entering your home than to kill them once they get inside.


To prevent houseflies from accessing your home, keep the doors and windows closed. If you open the doors and windows, ensure that screens fully cover them and that the screens do not have holes. Check the seals around the doors and windows.


In addition, pick up pet waste in your yard regularly, and do not allow food waste to rot in the trash cans. Always use lids on trash cans. Keep the outside lights turned off when they are not necessary.




How Do You Get Rid of Flies Immediately?


Summer Smash GIF by j.a.c.k.i.e.l.a.n.d


If you need to get rid of houseflies immediately, you need to kill them with a fly swatter. If the flies already laid eggs in the home, you will see flies again in a few days and will need to repeat the process. Alternatives to a fly swatter are an electric swatter and a rolled newspaper or magazine.


What Helps Flies Stay Away?


While flies are attracted to common elements like food waste and decomposing organic matter, they steer clear of various scents. You can keep flies away with various essential oils, citrus fruits, pine, cayenne pepper and others. You also should ensure that your home is well-sealed and keep the doors and windows closed as much as possible.


When to Call a Pro to Treat Flies?


Typically, these methods will either kill or deter houseflies. However, if the flies are more than you can handle, hire an exterminator to treat your home. Various chemicals used by exterminators can kill the flies and prevent eggs from hatching.


Flies may be attracted to various areas of a dirty home, so one of the many steps that you can take to deal with house flies in your home is keep it clean. Through our Boston cleaning service, you can enjoy a more sanitary living environment without doing any of the work yourself. To inquire about our cleaning service, contact the Cleanzen pros today.


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