How to Keep Your MacBook Keyboard Clean

Have you ever spilt something on your keyboard and experienced that moment of horror where you wondered if it was completely ruined? Your MacBook keyboard is an impressive piece of technology that can handle some spills and abuse, but only so much.


Your keyboard is likely a germ repository, which makes sense as much as you touch it every day. It’s worth giving your MacBook keyboard a thorough cleaning every so often to make it more sanitary and to ensure it works smoothly. If you want your keyboard to function well or you just want to get rid of that sicky sensation whenever you press some of the keys, we have some cleaning methods that will work very well for you.

Preparing to Clean


Before you do any cleaning on your keyboard, make sure it’s unplugged from the computer. It’s best to turn off your computer before unplugging the keyboard. Also make sure that anything plugged into or attached to the keyboard is disconnected as well.


Dry Cleaning the Keyboard



When possible, you want to try to clean your MacBook keyboard without using any liquids whatsoever. Some sprays and liquid cleaners are so incredibly harmful to your keyboard that you shouldn’t use them at all. You may be concerned about damaging the keyboard and its delicate electronic components, and using a dry cloth is the best way to avoid harming your keyboard at all.


Compressed Air Works Wonders


One of your most important tools for cleaning a keyboard is a can of compressed air. This is something you can pick up in most electronics stores, and it comes with a long thin straw that attaches to the top of the canister. Unlike cans of cleaning chemicals, compressed air contains no liquid. It’s great at getting in those crevices of your keyboard, under the buttons and in all the little nooks to blow the dust and dirt out.


A mistake a lot of people will make when cleaning their keyboard is to simply turn it upside down and shake it. While this can be a good way to dislodge a lot of dust, it’s also an excellent way to damage your keyboard. It’s much better to use a can of compressed air, as it safeguards your keyboard from damage and is far more effective at removing dust and dirt from inside the component. When using compressed air, make sure the can is right side up so that it will clean effectively. You can turn the keyboard at different angles to ensure that the air can clean out every last inch of it.


Aim the nozzle of the cannister into a space on the keyboard, such as under one of the keys. Once no more dust and debris shoots out of the keyboard, it should be clean. There may be some dust on the keyboard once you are done using the compressed air. You can simply wipe this off with the microfiber cloth, being careful not to let any dust fall back under the keys or inside the keyboard. One very effective method for forcing out dust from your keyboard with the compressed air is to move the can of air in a back and forth pattern across your keyboard. Aim the straw at the space between the keys and keep spraying as the cannister moves.


Cleaning Sticky Parts


If you spill some soda or something else that’s sugary on your keyboard, it may leave behind a sticky residue. How do you get that up without damaging the keyboard? Dry cleaning methods probably won’t work, and you can use a mild cleaner like isopropyl alcohol to do the job.



Take a dry, nonabrasive cloth and spray a little of the cleaning alcohol on the corner. Then use that to gingerly wipe the affected area. Make sure that no alcohol is dripping from the cloth and that you don’t get any of the wet part of the cloth inside your keyboard. Once you have removed the sticky substance, you can wipe the area dry with the microfiber cloth.


Cleaning Wrap Up


You may think your keyboard needs a cleaning if it isn’t working properly. Cleaning can help with keys that are stuck or unresponsive keys, and it can make your keyboard look bright and tidy. However, if you are still having problems with your keyboard after you clean it, don’t resort to more extreme cleaning methods. Instead, give Apple customer support a call and see if they can help.
For help with home cleaning chores, though, gives us at Cleanzen a call. We are happy to assist with whatever cleaning work you need done.


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