How to Keep Your TOMS Clean

TOMS are light, airy shoes that are cool enough to wear during hot summer months but stylish enough to wear all the time. These are shoes that are designed for a good cause, since 1/3 of all the profits earned by TOMS shoes go to charity. When you buy these shoes, you are helping to make the world a better place.


How you clean your TOMS shoes will partly depend on the material they are made from. Most of them are made with canvas, though some of the more unique styles are constructed from lace, organic cotton, chambray, or leather. Each of these requires a specialized cleaning method so that you don’t damage the shoes as you try to clean them. We are going to focus on cleaning the canvas TOMS here, though, since that’s likely what you own.

Washing TOMS by Hand



When cleaning these shoes by hand, you should use a soft brush with bristles, like a dishwashing brush or toothbrush. That will be used to scrub off the outside of the TOMS.


For stains, rub laundry detergent onto the stain directly and allow it to sit there for about half an hour. The recommended handwashing method for these shoes is to fill a bowl with cold water and mild laundry detergent. You don’t need to use much detergent- probably about a tablespoon for every gallon water. Mix all that together and then use the brush to apply the detergent water to the shoes. Scrub at them gently until the shoes look clean. You can then rinse them off and allow them to dry.


Make sure you are using detergent that has no bleach in it and don’t allow the shoes to soak in the detergent water. You can use the same hand washing technique for leather or canvas TOMS.



Washing TOMS in a Machine

If you’re going to clean your TOMS in a washing machine, you’ll want to set the machine to use cold water and a gentle wash cycle. You should also keep the laundry detergent to a minimum, using about a quarter of what you normally would and making sure that you use a detergent that is considered mild and that has no bleach. When putting your TOMS shoes into the machine, place them into a mesh laundry bag.


If you’re using a top-loading machine, wait until the machine is full up about 3/4 of the way and then add the shoes. If you’re using a front-loading machine, the shoes can be added at the beginning of the cycle. If the shoes have any stains on them, you’ll want to treat those before putting them into the washing machine. You can use a laundry detergent or stain remover, but make sure whatever you’re using is very mild and that you’re applying it gently.



Will Water Damage My TOMS?


The canvas TOMS shoes are able to get wet and not become damaged. However, you shouldn’t let them soak in soapy water or water that has detergent in it. They also shouldn’t be put into contact with bleach at all. That can damage the shoes and cause them to lose some of their color. If you’re submerging or soaking these shoes, that should only be done in cold or room temperature water.



How to Dry out TOMS




There are even special methods for handling TOMS when it comes to drying them. You don’t want to put them into the dryer for that. This can damage them by making the color fade or by causing the shoes to shrink. To dry your TOMS, they should be left out to dry naturally. That should only take a few hours, depending on the temperature and the ventilation. You could leave them out to dry in the sunshine, and that will be the fastest way. However, there is some risk that they will fade in the sunshine.


Otherwise, you could hang them up inside your home and let them dry there. Hanging them on a line is the best way to make sure they can dry thoroughly and quickly, as it gives them plenty of ventilation. For those really tough cleaning jobs around your home, though, you may need some professional help. You can count on Cleanzen to provide the best in home cleaning services.


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