Smart Ways to Keep Your Small Apartment Organized

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Small apartments can be really difficult to keep tidy and organized, especially when there is very little storage available. Here are a few ways you can maximize storage in your minimally sized living space.



Peg board with napkin, bottle of oil and spatulas on kitchen counter


  • Collapsable Drying Rack: Keeping a drying rack on your kitchen counter at all times minimizes the amount of space you have to use when cooking. Consider looking for a collapsable or roll-up drying rack that you can tuck under the counter when you’re not using it to save space.
  • Thin-Space Rolling Cart: You’ll want to utilize as much space in your kitsch as possible, including any space between cabinets and appliances or walls. There are rolling carts that fit in these tight spaces that can be perfect for extra storage outside of cabinets.
  • Magnetic Storage on the Fridge: The space on your fridge usually reserved for decorative magnets can easily turn into a storage solution with the right products. Check out some magnetic shelving or bins to put on the side of your refrigerator if it isn’t against the wall.
  • Mounted Peg Board Storage: If cabinets and drawers are unavailable for storage, look to the walls for some extra space. You can mount a peg board and keep your favorite pots and pans readily available but out of the way.




Shelving unit with different items in bathroom


  • Wall-Mounted Storage/ Medicine Cabinets: If your bathroom is lacking in under-the-sink storage and counter space, try adding your own storage. Adding a medicine cabinet or shelves by the sink and over the toilet is a great way to maximize the vertical space in the bathroom.
  • Stackable Drawers/ Bins Under the Sink: The space under the bathroom sink shouldn’t be overlooked. Picking up some functional drawers or stackable bins to keep in this area can save you some much-needed counter space.
  • Shower Shelves/ Caddies: We all need our go-to shower products accessible for daily use. There are a lot of different in-shower storage options to choose from including caddies, shelves, and even shower liners with pockets.
  • Mounted Hooks for Towels: Towel racks are often unavailable in smaller apartments, but you won’t want to mount one only to have it take up more space than you can spare in the bathroom. Mounting some hooks near the shower or on the bathroom door to hang your towels is a great way to save wall space for more functional storage.




Sofa that Converts to Bed


  • Murphy Bed: These are a great way to maximize the space in your bedroom, especially if you happen to live in an open studio-style apartment. Folding your bed away to make room for a desk or dining table is a cool way to keep your space functional and clutter-free.
  • Under-the-Bed Storage: If a Murphy bed is too much of an investment for a temporary living situation, make sure you still make the most of the space you have. Under-the-bed storage drawers or bins are a great way to keep clutter off the floor and make room in the closet for seasonal clothing.
  • Over-the-Door Closet Storage: If your closet has become overrun with shoes or bags, it may be time to look into some storage options. Over-the-door hooks or caddies are a smart way to keep shoes or other accessories organized and out of the way.
  • Uniform Hangers: If your closet contains a multitude of mismatched hangers, switching them out for a full set of uniform hangers can make a huge difference. For smaller closets, you can even find sets of stackable hangers to minimize the space your clothing takes up on the racks.


Living Room

Grey corner couch bed with storage

  • Wall-Mounted Storage Shelves: As with all small spaces, vertical storage is a must. We highly recommend investing in some sturdy and stylish shelving for your living room if you find yourself searching for space.
  • Multi-Functional Storage Furniture: Sofas, coffee tables, and entertainment centers can take up tons of space in any living room. Make the most of these huge pieces by finding furniture with built-in storage solutions so you can keep extra blankets and board games tucked away for future use.
  • Cabinets/ Hidden Storage Spaces: If your living room has the space, consider adding some storage cabinets or drawers. Having stylish but functional storage to keep things hidden and tidy can both elevate the appearance of the space and give you more storage for organization.
  • Coordinated Storage Decor: Having a random assortment of bins that are different colors and sizes can make a space look and feel more cluttered than it is. A uniformly sized and color-coordinated set of bins can keep things organized and look great in an open storage space.

How have you kept your small apartment organized? Tell us in the comments and share your tips and tricks! If you need some help decluttering your small space, check out our Home Organization services at www.cleanzen.com/Philadelphia. We have a variety of services for any of your cleaning or tidying needs.


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