6 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Organized

Interior of a luxurious bathroom with shower area and bathtub.

Bathroom organization is something everyone struggles with. Whether there are too many products or not enough space, we’re here to help you figure it out. Here are a few of our best tips for keeping your bathroom tidy and organized.

Regular Decluttering


No matter what size bathroom you have, it can easily become overrun with products. If you find yourself rummaging through drawers and bins of products each day, it may be time for a deep declutter. Regular sorting and decluttering of products, tools, and makeup can save you time and space, and even money when you can clearly see what you have and what you need more of. Make sure to go through every drawer, shelf, and cabinet in the bathroom so that you don’t miss any section. Be thorough and selective with what you choose to keep, remember that you are trying to create space when you reorganize.


Create Space Over The Toilet


over the toilet shelf


The area around the toilet is often left unused and empty despite the vertical space available. To remedy this, consider looking into purchasing an over-the-toilet shelving unit. There are a variety of styles and heights to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your particular preferences. This way you’ll be able to maximize the space available to you, especially if you have a particularly small apartment bathroom. If you find a shelving unit that is deep enough to accommodate bins then you can really dress up your space and include some cute decor pieces as well. Who told us practical storage can’t be stylish too?


Add Shelves in The Shower


If you’ve been using a shower caddy or an overhead basket to store your shower products, it may be time for an upgrade. We highly recommend investing in some sturdy shelves with suction cups attached for your shower. Corner shelves are more popular as space savers, but of course, you can also decide to use wall shelves depending on your preference.


Shower rack with bottle of shampoo and conditioner


Shelves can easily save you space and keep your current shower favorites organized and easy to find. Keeping the shelves attached to the walls and in the corners of your shower can really elevate the appearance of your shower and make your “me time” that much better.


Find Some Over-the-Door Organization for Cabinets


Woman neatly putting towels in bathroom cabinets


If you have little to no counter space and too many products in rotation, this next tip is for you. Create a storage system in your cabinets with some over-the-door organizers and drawers to keep your essentials organized for easy access. It can be a pain to constantly struggle with picking which products can live on the counter and which ones have to stay hidden. The best solution is to minimize the clutter on the counter and keep all your products in one place for you to grab and go. We also suggest using clear bins and drawers to make sure you can see the products you are looking for.


Divide Drawers


Woman neatly organizing bathroom amenities and toiletries in drawer


Drawers can easily fall into disarray and become overflowing with any number of tools and products. The best way to improve the drawer system in your bathroom is first by making sure you have fully decluttered and are only putting the necessities back. Next, you’ll want to find a set of drawer dividers or tray inserts to use to keep things organized. There are lots of dividers and trays you can choose from to fully customize your drawers and make them work for your space. What’s important is benign able to keep up with decluttering and making sure your products and tools are available without having to dump everything out to find them.


Consider Uniform Containers


uniform ceramic bathroom containers


Another way to keep yourself organized and remind you to keep your bathroom feeling like your own personal spa is by integrating uniform bottles and containers for your products. Keeping your products in refillable bottles and containers can help you to keep track of when it is time to repurchase a product to refill and can also help you stay organized. Once the rest of your bathroom is organized and decluttered, you may find that the different bottles and tubs of products aren’t working with the space. By using clear, labeled containers you will be motivated to keep things looking neat and not have to overspend on products that you won’t have space for or already have.


Have you tried any of these organizational tricks and do you have your own tips and tricks that you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! If you’ve tried and failed to get your bathroom under control, don’t worry. We can help you clean up and get organized with the best cleaning service in Boston, MA. Contact us today and we’ll help you with any of your organizational needs.


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