The Right Way to Wash Bath Mats

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The last thing that you want to do is to step out of a warm bath or shower and onto a filthy bathroom rug. It is easy to assume that your rug is clean if it is not visibly dirty. However, the reality is that these rugs can become filthy over a relatively short period of time and should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis.


  • Why Your Bathroom Rugs Require Regular Attention


Your feet may be clean when you step out of the tub or shower, but are they clean when you step in? All of that filth will accumulate in greater quantities because bathroom rugs are not vacuumed like other rugs in your home. In addition, the warm, humid air that is common in this room will combine with those wet footprints that you leave behind The result is rugs that are a breeding ground for everything from mildew to fungi, bacteria, and more. In many bathrooms, the rugs may get foot traffic from shoes and pets that track in a wide range of mucky materials as well.



  • How Frequently to Clean Your Bathroom Rugs




Now that you understand how filthy your bathroom rugs can get, you may be wondering how frequently you should be cleaning them. After all, if you are like many other people, you may toss your bathroom rugs into the washing machine once in a blue moon. The recommended frequency for laundering your bathroom rugs will depend on how frequently the bathroom is used. In some homes, the bathroom may be used so heavily that the rug barely has time to dry out before the next person climbs in the tub. On the other hand, you may have an out-of-the-way powder room or guest bathroom that may get foot traffic a few times per week at best. Generally, bathroom rugs should be cleaned every one to three weeks depending on these various factors.




Before you toss any bathroom rugs into the washing machine, you should take a moment to read the care instructions on the label. There are a wide range of rugs that may be made out of everything from cotton to chenille, microfiber material and more. Some rugs are backed by non-slip rubber or plastic material, and this can impact the care recommendations as well.


The next step is to fold the rugs up in tight bundles. Take them outside to shake off as much of the dust, dirt, hair and other debris that has accumulated on them. If this is not feasible in your living situation, consider using a handheld attachment to vacuum the rugs.


If your rugs are machine-washable, make sure that you follow the instructions for the water temperature setting. Even though your bath rugs may get wet frequently, the fibers may still be loaded with dyes that can bleed onto other materials in the washing machine. With this in mind, it is a good idea to wash rugs that are similar in color together and to wash them separately from your other laundry. Before tossing the rugs in the dryer, refer back to the care instructions. Some rugs have clear instructions to use a no-heat or tumble setting.


Some materials should only be washed by hand. Unless the care instructions read otherwise, you may be able to choose between using liquid laundry detergent or white vinegar as your cleanser. A convenient way to wash the rugs is to fill the bottom of a bathroom with a combination of warm water and your preferred cleaning agent. Once the rug is completely immersed in the tub, use a soft-bristle brush to gently agitate the fibers so that the debris and particles are removed. Keep in mind that scrubbing harshly can cause irreparable damage. When the rug is cleaned to your satisfaction, use fresh water to rinse it thoroughly. Allow the rug ample time to dry in a clean space. If you have space available and weather conditions permit, drying it in the sunshine may be a good option.


If you have a teak or bamboo bathmat, avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals. In many cases, the best way to clean these floor coverings is with a soft-bristle brush, water, and a safe cleaning agent. The wood should be rinsed clean and dried.


While you understandably need your bathroom rugs to be clean, you may not be confident in your ability to clean them yourself without damaging them. Many dry cleaners have the capability to clean bathroom rugs and could be a reasonable alternative to consider.


Keeping your bathrooms clean is easier said than done. Your bathroom rugs may only be one cleaning chore that is not being tackled as frequently as it should be. If you need help cleaning your bathrooms or any other rooms in your home, our professional Houston cleaners can help. To learn about our services and to schedule your first cleaning service here, or contact Cleanzen team today.



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