Incredible Ways to Use Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning

Some of the very best home cleaning methods use homemade cleaners rather than store bought chemicals. There are definite advantages to using homemade cleaners, as you can control what goes in them, creating something that’s safer for the environment, gentler on your household, and yet still very effective at cleaning.


One of the homemade cleaners we’re talking about using today is rubbing alcohol and some of the amazing things you can do with it. Simply put a little rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle, and you have a tool that can clean just about anything, as we show you.


Clean Your Screen



Did you know you could clean your cell phone screen with rubbing alcohol? The screen is going to get all sorts of grime on it from oils on your hands and your ears and other things that comes into contact with. There’s also a lot of invisible bacteria living on your cell phone screen, and you want to clear that off frequently so that your screen is safe for you to touch rather than serving as a hotspot for germs. Rubbing alcohol, when mixed with equal parts of water, can be a very effective cleaning spray for your cell phone screen.


Make sure you take the phone out of the case and spritz it with the rubbing alcohol spray. Then, wipe the screen down with a microfiber cloth. You don’t need to use a lot of spray, and you don’t want your liquid seeping inside any of the ports on the phone, so make sure you’re just using it on the screen and only spraying lightly.



Hand Cleanser



Some hand sanitizers smell really powerful and pungent, and you probably regret putting some of those on your hands afterwards. Others can contain dangerous chemicals that damage your skin and hurt the fragile epidermis layer. Rubbing alcohol can make for a really good hand sanitizer that you can make at home. You want to combine two parts of aloe vera gel, one part rubbing alcohol, and then a tablespoon of vitamin E oil or something similar. You can also add in a few drops of an essential oil to scent your hand sanitizer. Mix all this together and use it as a hand sanitizer whenever you want to get your hands clean.


It kills germs very effectively, and it won’t be damaging to your skin or smell awful like some hand sanitizers. It’s also not a gritty hand sanitizer, which is good news for anyone who’s disgusted by using sanitizers that have chunks of grit in them. This homemade hand cleanser can go into any kind of dispenser bottle you would normally put hand sanitizer in.



Clean Your Face


Did you know rubbing alcohol can be good for your skin? It actually closes pores up a little bit, tightening them because of its astringent properties. It’s not good for skin that has acne or for really delicate, sensitive skin, as it can dry out your skin. The same reason that survival experts will tell you not to drink alcohol when you’re thirsty is why you won’t want to use it on your skin if your skin is already dry. You can use it in conjunction with a moisturizer, as that will help to nourish your skin and keep it from drying out.



The way you can use rubbing alcohol to clean your skin, though, is to use it after you wash your skin. A good time to use rubbing alcohol on your face is after you step out of the shower and dry your skin. You can rub a little of the alcohol on your face, and it will tighten up the pores and tone your skin. Then, just use a moisturizer to finish.



Make Jewelry Shine




Did you know that alcohol has such great cleaning properties that you can use it to clean just about anything you can think of? It’s perfect for cleaning your jewelry, getting rid of stains and spots on precious metals to make them shiny again. With a little rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, you can spritz the necklace, bracelets, or other jewelry and then wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth. It’ll make your jewelry look like new again.



Clean a Frozen Windshield




When ice accumulates on your car windshield, it can be tough to scrape that off with an ice scraper. If you don’t even have one available, you may feel like you’re in a tight spot, but rubbing alcohol can work in a pinch. Spray down your frosted windows with two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water, mixed up in a spray bottle. Because of alcohol’s low freezing point, it’s really good at making ice melt, and then it will evaporate before the cold weather causes the alcohol to freeze.


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