Keep Flies Away From Your Home (5 Natural Fly Repellants)

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You may sit down to an appealing plate of food and prepare to enjoy a delicious meal. But, your plans can get interrupted if a fly buzzes overhead or lands on your dish. These two-winged creatures enjoy the smells from your food and can ruin the moments where you are trying to have fun or relax. They move so quickly and sporadically; you may struggle to hit them with a magazine or shoe. Before you know it, they have zipped away to a location you cannot reach.


Some bugs, like crickets and ladybugs, are considered lucky and are often safe to touch. Yet, flies are unsanitary. Because they flock to trash and feces, they always need shushing away. After they land in these dirty areas, the waste sticks to their legs and can get carried into your home.

  • What Attracts Flies into Your Yard and Home?


The first action to take when getting free of flies is understanding what interests them. They crave access to your food sources and search ideal breeding areas, like garbage, wastes, and spoiled or rotted food. That is why you will see them crowding near places where food residue accumulates, trash cans, outdoor restrooms, and wherever animals are enclosed.



Walk throughout your home to remove or sanitize anything that can attract them inside. Use airtight containers to limit access to your snacks, baking supplies, and pet food. Pour out leftover soda when you finish with them. Rinse out bottles and cans from your drinks and canned food. Also, wash dishes and put them away instead of leaving them out overnight.


From there, go into your yard and remove any waste from your pets. If you have larger animals, such as horses, cows, or other livestock, house them at least 30-40 yards away from your residence.



  • Getting Rid of Houseflies Naturally


Once flies get into your home, it may prove difficult to get them back out again. You can use a bug spray to attack them, but you may not enjoy releasing this pesticide around your space. Instead, you can use aromatherapy or homemade solutions to chase them away. Read on to discover the plants and remedies that can be safer and more effective for your household.


  • Lavender

It often suggested to use lavender for calming anxiety and getting better sleep. So, having it in your home will offer multiple benefits. The strong scent can repel flies in the form of essential oils or an aromatic plant placed near windows and doorways.


  • Cloves


Ground cloves often get used in spice mixes, and whole cloves get added to recipes to create depth and increased flavor. It also has a robust scent that will drive flies away. You can poke cloves into a ripe apple or mix them with cinnamon sticks and allow that to sit until the pests are gone.


  • Citrus

You will notice that many insect repellents contain extracts from lemons or oranges. These make the odor more appealing but also work as a natural deterrent. You can do the same by placing orange or lemon peels in a bowl and leaving them in a trouble area. Rub the together whenever the scent starts to fade and needs refreshing.



  • Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne pepper gets used to discourage the presence of a wide range of insects and animals. It is non-toxic and should be safe to use around your home and lawn. To understand how it will affect your grass, test it in a small area to see how it reacts. Then, add it to a spray bottle with water. You can mist it around your yard and near the entryways of your home.


Other natural ways to withstand a fly infestation include peppermint, lemongrass, camphor, cinnamon, and eucalyptus.


  • Vinegar and Dish Soap


If you are not interested in the above techniques, you can make your own with common household items. With a mixture of apple cider vinegar and dish soap, you can make an effective trap to catch flies that have entered your home. Create a remedy using a fourth cup of the vinegar with a few dashes of dish soap. Leave this in a glass or a plate where the flies have gathered. When they try to get the sweet-smelling solution, the dish soap will cause them to sink and get stuck.



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If you have battled with flies inside your home, you will need a thorough clean to get it sanitized and healthy again. You can wipe down the surfaces and clean the floors on your own. But, this may take up a large portion of your day. Rather than finishing a crucial work project or spending time with family, you will waste precious hours with housework. Instead of missing out on significant parts of your life, you can allow our team to clean your home. Our Cleanzen workers are well-trained and experienced at providing outstanding results. Not only will you get a sparkling, pristine home, but you will also be in partnership with a respectable cleaning company that uses a carefully vetted team.



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