Best Way To Keep Your Favorite Tennis Shoes Fresh & Clean

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The weather never seems to make smooth transitions as the world switches from one season to the next. Instead, the temperature may swing back and forth every couple of days and leave you confused about what you should wear. Not only will you constantly wonder about putting on a light jacket or heavy coat, but you will also question what footwear will be best for each day. On the warmer and dryer days, you can reach for your tennis shoes to help you make it through. Yet, they may still be dirty and smelly from your last adventures.


Once you have picked a captivating outfit to wear, you rely on your sneakers to add the final flattering touch. But, your plans can get ruined when your favorite footwear gets covered with dirt and grime. To get back to stepping out in style, here are ways you can wash your tennis shoes and restore them to a fresher, cleaner state.


Frequency of Cleaning Tennis and Athletic Shoes


To ensure that your athletic footwear continues to look its best, you should thoroughly clean it every few months. Thankfully, getting this done will only take a few steps and allow you to move on with the rest of your day.



Cleaning Your Shoes Using a Brush


Using a brush is popular because it provides an easier way to scrub every area of the shoe. Get started with a mixture of water and baking soda and a brush you no longer plan to use. Place your shoes on towels or newspaper and settle them on a flat surface.



Dip the brush into the cleaning mixture and scrub the surface of your sneakers. When you have dirty areas that are harder to remove, add a drop of dish detergent to your baking soda solution to lift the stain. After that, you can finish the entire exterior and wipe away any excess cleaning solution. Then, allow your shoes to stay there until they dry.


If the shoes are composed of leather or another luxury fabric, you can use a specific cleanser for that particular material.



Using a Washing Machine to Clean Your Shoes


If you do not have time to scrub your shoes with a toothbrush, you can put them in your washing machine. Before starting a cycle with them inside, remove the shoe strings and the soles if they are detachable. If you have a mesh laundry bag or old pillowcase, you can put these accessories inside, so they will not damage your machine during the wash.



Use the cold water setting and whatever laundry soap you normally add to your loads. For the spin cycle, try to adjust it to a slower option if you can. Once this is complete, let the shoes air dry rather than put them in the dryer.



Getting Your Sneakers Cleaned by Hand


Hand washing your sneakers is often the best way to maintain the quality of the materials. This technique can be especially beneficial when you are adding bleach for white footwear. You can begin with a baking soda and water mixture or a bleach and water solution. If you choose to use bleach, it should get diluted with one part to four parts of water.



From there, place your shoes on a protected, even surface and use a clean cloth to clean the exterior. You will notice better results if the fabric remains dampened, so dip it into your cleanser often. When working with bleach, do not allow any to drip onto other materials that can get discolored or damaged.



Using a Kit to Clean Your Shoes


If you do not want to use your household chemicals on your shoes, you can find a shoe cleaning kit at a nearby store. These are found for a few dollars or a whole lot more, depending on the ingredients and the brand. Plus, these can range from a bit of foam and wipes to a more extensive collection that includes brushes, microfiber cloths, and several cleansers to accommodate various textiles.

When you take this route, it is best to read the instructions included in the package.



Reasons Your Tennis Shoes Must Air Dry


Although you may want to hasten the cleaning process by tossing your tennis shoes in the dryer, this could cause more problems. The higher temperatures used by the device could warp the soles of your sneakers and negatively affect the areas where glue has gotten used. You could also have problems with direct sunlight that may cause shrinking or discolorations.


You would be more excited with your outcome if you let them rest in a shady area until they are completely dry.



Preventative Care


Once you get your tennis shoes to an improved appearance, you will need to keep them looking in between wearing. With a stain repellant spray or wipes, you will have an easier time maintaining their freshness. Along with that, you can use a shoe shaper to prevent your footwear from distorting or getting misshapen.



When you have decided not to wear your tennis shoes for some time, you can store them in a shoebox, shoe bag, or plastic container. If you put them away in this manner, remember to clean them first to prevent yellowing while in storage.



Get a Cleaner House to Match Your Clean Shoes


If you or others have tracked grime into your home with dirty sneakers, you should use our Cleanzen services to get your floors clean again. We can complete your household chores so that you can care for your shoes and any other responsibility you want to handle.


The time and energy it takes to keep your home clean and to address any unexpected messes and stains can be difficult to manage. But, our Cleanzen Providers are excited to assist with vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and more. All you have to do is reach out to us today to discuss our available services.


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