Tips for Keeping Your Patio Clean All Year

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Having an outdoor patio you can relax or entertain in is a huge benefit of any living space. We know cleaning up your patio can be a hassle, whether you’re getting your outdoor space ready for the warmer months or the cooler months. It’s a good idea to schedule some time to clean your patio one or two times a year. We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks you can use when you take on the task of cleaning your outdoor space.


Prep The Area



You can start by moving furniture, plants, grills, and other items out of the way. If there are any electronics or outlets nearby, make sure they are well protected from any water or cleaning solution you may use. As with any space, start by thoroughly sweeping or blowing away any leaves or debris from the area. There are a few different methods of cleaning you can use depending on the surface of your patio:

  • For hard wooden decking: For decks made of hardwoods, the cleaning process is very simple. Make sure all the debris has been swept or blown away and use a deck cleaner solution to scrub away any remaining dirt or stains. Following the clean, we recommend you wipe your wooden deck made of teak, oak, walnut, or mahogany with teak oil to keep the wood looking bright and clean.
  • For soft wooden decking: The cleaning process is the same for this decking. However, for decks made of cedar or pine, it is highly recommended that you preserve the wood after cleaning it by using a wood preservative and varnish. If you have painted or pre-varnished wood, you can lightly sand the surface and then reapply a thin layer of paint or varnish.
  • For concrete slabs or pavers: All you will need is a scrub brush with stiff bristles and a patio cleaning solution. You can use this method or you may choose to pressure wash the surface after allowing the patio cleaner to sit for just a few minutes.


Now For The Furniture



While your patio is drying, you can shift your attention to the furniture. There are many materials that your furniture might be made of, so here’s a guide for cleaning many of the popular styles of patio furniture:

  • Plastic: Using a soft bristle brush and soapy water to clean this is recommended, and if there are any particularly tough stains, you can add a small amount of bleach to your soapy water. This is a durable material, so you can also use a pressure washer to clean it if you would like.
  • Wood: For wooden furniture, you can follow similar cleaning instructions as with wooden patios. For harder woods, remember to wipe the furniture with teak oil. For softer woods, remember that the furniture should be preserved and varnished and, if it has been painted or pre-varnished, lightly sand the surface before reapplying a thin layer of paint or varnish.
  • Cast or Wrought Iron: You can use steel wool to lightly clean the surface, paying extra attention to any rusty areas. If your cast or wrought iron furniture has been painted and needs a touch-up, we recommend using an anti-rust primer before repainting.
  • Aluminum: You can use dish detergent and water to clean the surface and any chipped paint can be restored by removing all the loose paint and repainting with enamel paint for metal.


Get The Grill in Shape



Grills are often considered a staple for any patio, especially during the summer months. It is important to maintain a clean grill so that the food you prepare on it always tastes amazing. Here are the best tips to keep your grill looking and operating at its best:

  • You’ll want to make sure you scrape your grill’s grates after every use. Consider deep cleaning your grill two or three times a year for the best results during grilling season.
  • Regular cleaning prevents any buildup of harmful bacteria and even carcinogens from previous preparation of raw meats and can even extend the life of the propane tank if you have a grill that uses one.
  • Clean grills can have a much longer lifespan and can even heat faster and more efficiently.
  • You should make sure to regularly check for any damage and rust, or even mold, between cleanings. Charred food can be tasty, but not when it contains rust and scale build-up.
  • Regular cleaning of your grill can ultimately save you time and money in the long term. An efficient and well-maintained benefits both your wallet and your stomach.


Enjoy Your Space!


We hope this little guide has helped you get your patio ready for warmer weather and outdoor gatherings. If you don’t have time to tackle the inside and the outside of your home and need some help getting your space up to snuff, we’ve got you covered! Our Chicago professional cleaning services are here to take care of your home’s interior so you have time to take care of your outside space.


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