Keeping Stainless Steel Appliances Clean and Spotless

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Stainless steel is known for the chic, contemporary beauty it can bring to your kitchen. Not only is it attractive to look at, but it is a reliable material that allows you to keep your cooking utensils and instruments much longer. Your steel pieces will handle heat magnificently and will become an undeniable pleasure to have throughout the kitchen.


Although your stainless steel cookware and appliances are a joy to have, they will also need diligent care. Over time, stains, dings, and water spots will occur and diminish the appearance of your beloved devices. Fortunately, there are ways to erase the buildup of splotches and blemishes and restore them to their former glory.



Benefits of Stainless Steel Cookware and Appliances:


  • Durable

Stainless steel is known for outlasting many other metals because it is more resistant to rust. Because of this, you will not have to replace stainless steel items as often.


  • Non-Reactive

Some foods, like those that are highly acidic, can cause lasting damage to many cookware metals. Yet, stainless steel can withstand this problem, so you can use your cooking instruments boldly without fear of getting them stained or contaminated.


These benefits show that your stainless steel appliances and cookware are worth your time and effort. However, there are some things you should avoid, so you will not ruin their benefits.


– Skip steel wool, harsh sponges, or scrubbing pads.
– Avoid using chlorine-based cleaners or any product with chloride in it.
– Refrain from spraying oven cleaner on your stainless steel surfaces.
– Do not move forward with putting products on your stainless steel belongings without first reading the manufacturer’s recommendations.



Simple Solutions for Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances


The following steps involve household products that can clean your stainless steel possessions. As you use these techniques, remember that steel has a grain that you follow. Search for the striations on the surface and wipe in that direction.


  • Vinegar

Vinegar contains a mild ingredient called acetic acid that will cut through the oil left behind by your fingers. Instead of spreading leftover grease and grime on your stainless steel, vinegar will break down the residue so you can easily wipe it away.

1. Pour white vinegar diluted with water into a clean spray bottle.

2. Spray this mixture on your stainless-steel appliance or pre-washed cookware.

3. Use a clean cloth or towel to wipe your items clean.

4. Once all the smudges and grime get removed, rub over the surface again with a water-dampened cloth. If you have hard water in your household, it can leave unsightly blotches on your stainless steel. Instead of using water from the faucet, rinse with purified or bottled water.


  • Dish Soap

Simple dish soap is a great way to clean your stainless-steel appliances because it is milder than harsh cleaning products, and it effortlessly cuts through greasy films.

1. Apply a few droplets of dish soap onto a damp sponge or clean cloth. Squeeze and twist it several times to spread the soap throughout the material and to generate suds.

2. Wipe with the grain on your stainless-steel appliance or pre-washed cookware.

3. Clean excess soap with a wet sponge and use towels or napkins to dry the surface. Make sure that you get your pieces are thoroughly dried so water spots will not form later on.


  • Club Soda

Many people believe that the carbonation in club soda lifts stains to the surface, so you can easily wipe them away.


1. Add club soda to a clean spray bottle.

2. Spritz this tonic on your stainless-steel appliance or pre-washed cookware.

3. Rub a clean cloth in the direction of the grain to get the best results.


  • Add Shine

Once you have removed blemishes from your stainless steel surfaces, you can add olive oil or baby oil to restore the shine and add protection from fingerprints. Start with a few drops on a sponge and buff the steel in the direction of the grain. Use a separate cloth to wipe away the surplus. Your ending results should not seem oily but have a polished, sparkling exterior.


Get a Brighter, Better Clean With Cleanzen Cleaning Services


The longer that stains and water spots are allowed to sit on your stainless steel appliances, the harder it is to remove. You can keep these devices looking great and in top condition with frequent cleaning. It is best if you tackle them once a week to reduce buildup and discoloration. This routine sounds sensible if you have an abundance of time on your hands. But, it can seem impossible if you have a busy schedule with your work and family obligations. Thankfully, you can get the help you need from our Cleanzen team. Our workers understand what works best with the various surfaces within your home. They can successfully tackle any dust, dirt, or grime while you enjoy the other areas of your life.



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