Are Maids Different from Housekeepers?

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If you’ve found yourself asking this question, allow us to help. People often hear the terms “maid” or “housekeeper” and think of people doing similar duties for different types of houses or families. However, there can be some distinct differences between the duties of the two titles that can help you easily identify what you may need in your own home. By knowing the different services offered by housekeepers and by maids, you are sure to get exactly what you need and don’t have to spend any extra money to have a clean house. Let’s take a closer look at the different services and benefits of each and determine which of the two would be right for you and your home.

Housekeeping Services



Perhaps your home requires more flexibility or extra attention from your cleaning service. This may mean that a housekeeper could be the answer. Housekeepers generally provide all the same cleaning and upkeep as maids, but they may not clean to the extent a maid would as that is not their only duty. Aside from cleaning, a housekeeper can help you with more around the house, keeping them fairly busy and in demand. Some of the other tasks a housekeeper can assist with are:

  • Washing and putting away laundry
  • Errands like grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning
  • Basic maintenance around the house like changing light bulbs
  • Making and serving meals
  • Washing dishes and putting them away
  • Feeding and walking family pets
  • Babysitting and helping kids get to school
  • Tidying, restocking, and organizing around the house


Maid services



For many homes, maids may have the right services. Maids are best hired for general chores and upkeep in homes and can handle any thorough cleaning projects you may need. It could be a good idea to hire a maid if you only need a weekly refresh of the house or need a specific area or room cleaned for a special occasion. When considering a maid, consider reviewing their duties to make sure they cover all your home’s needs. For example, most maid services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Dusting surfaces and fixtures
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping
  • Cleaning toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen surfaces and appliances
  • Emptying and removing trash
  • Making beds and changing sheets upon request


Costs & Availability


The differences between maids and housekeepers doesn’t end with their duties. The overall costs of the two can vary based on services, travel, supplies, and tips. Even the demand for maids and housekeepers can influence the costs of their work. Because housekeepers have a larger range of duties, they tend to work primarily for one or two households at a time, depending on the tasks required, and can charge more to compensate for having fewer clients. So you can expect to see the same housekeeper each time they come to work in your home, making them a great choice if you want a more in-depth and personal touch.



Maids have a specific set of tasks they complete for every client, which allows them to provide services for several clients during their schedule, and so they are more likely to have a fixed price. This also means that you may see a different person or team each time they come to clean your home. As with many services, you usually receive the level of service you pay for, meaning that if you are looking to have a regular cleaning for a spotless house every day or week then you should expect to pay more for the quality of the service.


Which Service is Right for You?



Now that you know that maids and housekeepers aren’t the same, and know some of the main differences between them, you can decide which of the two you might need. If you think your house really just needs an occasional cleaning that maybe you just don’t have time for, consider a maid service to tackle any problems you may have. However, if you think you might need help getting some chores done and dinner made within your busy schedule, a housekeeper might be the solution for you. Whatever your needs may be, both offer services that will keep your house looking clean and organized, and both services allow you to sit back, relax, spend more time with your family, and do the things you enjoy.


If you have determined what service is right for you and you’re ready to hire, we want to help! Cleanzen Boston offers a wide variety of cleaning services that can be flexible and fit your specific needs. Contact us and we can work with you to find a friendly and affordable service that meets your standards every time.


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