Tips and Tricks To Motivate Yourself To Clean

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While some people get true enjoyment out of cleaning the house, you may get as much pleasure out of cleaning toilets as you do in taking a trip to the dentist. You understandably love the end result when everything in the home is pristine, but it can be hard to find the time and motivation to give your chores the attention that they deserve. Creating a clean environment for you and your family to enjoy can seem challenging without the right strategy and proper motivation. Use these effective tips to get yourself moving in the right direction.


  • Set Small Goals



It is easy to procrastinate on housecleaning chores, so the project sitting in front of you today can seem monstrous. Carving out hours of free time and harnessing all of the energy that you need to clean your house from top to bottom are monumental feats, and the good news is that they are not necessary. Set small and manageable goals for yourself each day. You will gradually make a solid dent in your chores. In addition, light housekeeping will become part of your daily routine.



  • Watch the Clock


Even when you narrow down your efforts to one or two small tasks each day, cleaning can seem like exhausting work. If you are looking for a different way to motivate yourself, consider setting the timer. Start with 10 or 15 minutes of cleaning each day. When you get accustomed to that, you can stretch out the time gradually.



  • Make It a Team Effort



Why clean your house alone when you can divvy up the chores? Whether you have a roommate or a house full of kids, assign a few tasks to all of your available helpers. When everyone works together, the house will be clean before you know it.



  • Envision the End Result


Are you sitting on the couch and envisioning yourself running a mop over the kitchen floor or hauling the heavy vacuum cleaner upstairs? Rather than focusing on the work itself, turn your attention to how amazing the end result will look and how great you will feel. Living in a dirty, cluttered home can create unnecessary stress, so you may be able to relax more fully in your free time when all of your chores are done.



  • Play Your Favorite Tunes



What makes your commute in heavy traffic and your time sweating at the gym more enjoyable? For many people, the answer is listening to great music. Before you start cleaning, select a playlist that inspires you to dance and sing along. You will be surprised by how quickly your cleaning projects get done when good music is blasting.



  • Treat Yourself to New Supplies


Cleaning is more fun when you have new cleaning products and tools to work with. You may be interested to see how well a new tile cleaner works in your bathroom. Perhaps you want to check out the suction power of a new vacuum cleaner. Whether your budget has room for a dust cloth or a full carpet steam cleaner, you may be surprised by how motivated you will be by a new product.



  • Reward Yourself for Your Hard Work


Do you enjoy relaxing in a bubble bath or with a glass of wine at the end of a long day? Decide on a special reward that you can enjoy after your chores for the day are done. Keep that reward in mind while you walk through your to-do list.


  • Do a Little Every Day



Staring at a filthy house and a long list of chores is enough to demotivate anyone, and you can avoid this experience going forward by doing a little every day. For example, load the dishwasher each night before bed, and unload the clean dishes in the morning while your coffee is brewing.



  • Make It a Habit


Are you in the habit of not cleaning regularly? This is an easy habit to fall into, and it can unfortunately work against you. Make one or two changes to your regular routine that help you to keep your house cleaner. When these habits are ingrained in your routine, make a few other changes.



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